Wireless Temperature Monitoring in the Philippines

Abstract:The power distribution system is a power network system that is composed of a variety of power distribution equipment and power distribution facilities to transform voltage and directly distribute electrical energy to end users. As a part of the power system, the power distribution system directly faces end users, and its perfection directly affects the reliability and quality of power consumption of the majority of users, so it has an important position in the power system. Therefore, in order to avoid serious accidents such as equipment aging, equipment burnout, power supply interruption, fire and explosion of equipment due to high temperature, long-term temperature monitoring of each electrical node can avoid serious failures that may cause personal injury and economic loss to users.

Keywords: Wireless temperature monitoring system, 433Mhz wireless temperature sensor, wireless temperature sensor


Project Overview 

This project is a power distribution project in a factory in the Philippines. It is used in a 32kV power distribution cabinet and needs to be equipped with wireless temperature measurement products to achieve safe temperature monitoring. The working environment temperature of the sensor meets the requirement of -50℃ to +125℃. Choose our ATE400 CT induction power sensor, and use the ATC400 transceiver to connect the temperature display device. For the sake of safety and economic benefits, it is recommended to conduct real-time temperature monitoring at each electrical node in the power distribution room.


Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Introduction


Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is suitable for 3-35kV indoor switchgears, including built-in switchgears, handcart switchgears, fixed switchgears and loop-net switchgears. It is also suitable for 0.4kV low-voltage switchgears such as fixed switchgears and drawer switchgears.

The information exchange between the wireless temperature sensor and the host is transmitted through wireless signals, which will not affect the insulation performance of the system and is safe to use. The wireless temperature measurement system is mainly applicable to the industrial field. It can monitor the temperature of high-voltage cable joints and high-voltage switch cabinet contacts in real time, so that operation and maintenance personnel can remotely grasp the on-site operation status.


 Features of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

(1) The wireless temperature measurement module is safe and reliable, and easy to install and maintain. It is suitable for temperature monitoring at the high voltage and high current contacts of the middle switch. The structure of the device under test does not need to be changed.

(2) The entire wireless temperature measurement system can communicate wirelessly, and the signal transmission is convenient.

(3) The wireless temperature measurement system has strong anti-interference ability, and its anti-interference ability against pulse interference, fast transient interference, electrostatic radiation, electromagnetic field radiation, etc. has reached the national four-level standard, and the operation of the equipment does not affect the opening and closing of the medium voltage switch Operation and protection device actions.

(4) Application in industry (coal, steel, petroleum, chemical), power plants, schools, hospitals, municipal construction, transportation facilities (airports, railway stations), commercial buildings, convention and exhibition centers, photovoltaic power generation, new energy and other fields.


Introduction of Wireless Temperature Measuring Product

(1) Battery Type Wireless Temperature Sensor


(2) CT Powered Wireless Temperature Sensor


(3)  Wireless Transceiver


(4) Display Terminal



On Site Photos 




In the application of today’s power distribution facilities, the power distribution safety of substations is of utmost importance. The application of Acrel’s wireless temperature measurement products in the electrical engineering of a factory project in the Philippines can be targeted at high and low voltage switch cabinets. Monitor the temperature of electrical connection points such as lap joints, circuit breaker contacts, cable joints, etc., to prevent excessive contact resistance caused by oxidation, looseness, dust and other factors during operation and heat generation as a hidden danger, and online temperature monitoring It can improve the safety of equipment, reflect the operating status of equipment in a timely, continuous and accurate manner, avoid safety accidents, and reduce the rate of equipment accidents.

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