Application of Acrel Wireless Temperature Device in Norway

Absrtact: Acrel wireless temperature device directly transmits the temperature value through the wireless temperature transceiver and each wireless temperature sensor, and adopts LCD to display the temperature measured by each wireless temperature sensor.

1.Project Overview

A project in Norway required a batch of temperature measuring equipment with easy to install, simple communication, multi-point measurement, no wiring and internet communication.After multi-party comparison, our wireless temperature measurement can fully meet its requirements.

2.Product Presentation

Acrel wireless temperature system is suitable for 3-35kV indoor switchgears, including built-in switchgears, handcart switchgears, fixed switchgears and loop-net switchgears. It is also suitable for 0.4kV low-voltage switchgears such as fixed switchgears and drawer switchgears. The wireless temperature sensors can be installed at any heating point in switchgears, the device utilizes the wireless data transmission technology for real-time transmission of monitored temperature data and displays such data on ARTM-Pn locally. In addition, it can be networked via the RS485 port for remote intelligent monitoring.

2.1 Network Topology



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3.Installation Picture



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