Isolated Power Distribution

With the wide application and development of industrial technology and electronic medical equipment, leakage current poses a great danger to industrial production safety and patient safety. In order to improve the continuity and reliability of power supply, many important production sites have adopted ungrounded power supply system. Isolated Power Distribution is used to monitor the insulation status of the system to the ground in real time. When a ground fault occurs in the system, it will alarm in time to remind relevant personnel to troubleshoot the fault. Products of Isolated Power Distribution are designed in strict accordance with national standards and specifications.


What are the Features of Isolated Power Distribution Devices?

  • It has the functions of monitoring the insulation resistance of the IT system to the ground, fault warning and alarm;

  • It has various fault indication functions such as relay alarm output and LED alarm indication;

  • Using advanced field-bus communication technology, it can communicate with external alarm and display devices or host computer management terminals to monitor the operating status of the IT system in real time;

  • It has the function of fault event recording, which can record the time and type of faults, which is convenient for operators to query and analyze the operation status of the system and eliminate faults in time;

  • It is suitable for insulation monitoring of AC, DC and AC-DC hybrid IT systems;

  • It can realize the fault self-test of the instrument hardware circuit with one key;

  • With disconnection monitoring function, it can monitor the connection status between L1/L2 and IT system and the connection status of PE/KE functional ground wire in real time.

What is the Working Principle of Isolated Power Distribution Devices?

What is the Working Principle of Isolated Power Distribution Devices?

In a common DC power supply system, the AC power is generally converted into a DC power output through a rectifier. In order to ensure the power supply safety of the DC power supply system and avoid forming a reference voltage to the ground, the DC power supply system is generally designed to suspend the positive and negative busbars to the ground. The iIsolated Power Distribution device includes the insulation monitoring of the DC bus and the insulation monitoring of each load branch. Generally speaking, in practical applications, different monitoring principles will be adopted for busbar monitoring and branch circuit monitoring, and the combination of the two constitutes the insulation monitoring of the entire DC power system.

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