Acrel AIM-M100 Medical Isolated Meter

AIM-M100 medical isolated meter adopts micro-controller technology,and it has the advantage of high integration, small size, easy installation.It also integrates intelligence, digitization and networking.It is an ideal choice for insulation monitoring of isolated power supply systems in medical Class 2 places such as operating rooms and intensive care units.Once a certain set of IT system fails, the electrical maintenance personnel can make a judgment within a short time and deal with it according to the situation on site.

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Specification of AIM-M100 Medical Isolated Meter

AUX PowerVoltageAC220V±10%Temperature monitoringThermal resistor2 Pt100
Power consumption≤5VAMeasuring range-50~+200℃
Insulation MonitoringResistance measuring range10~999kΩAlarm value range0~+200℃
Response value50~999kΩAlarmOutput mode1 Relays
Relative uncertainty±10%outputContact ratingAC 250V/3A

DC 30V/3A
Response time≤3sEnvironmentOperating temperature-10~+55℃
Permissible system leakage capacitance Ce≤5uFTransport temperature-25~+70℃
Measuring voltage Um≤12VStorage temperature-25~+70℃
Measuring current Im≤50uARelative humidity5%-95%, No condensation
Impedance Zi≥200kΩAltitude≤2500m
Internal DC resistance Ri≥240kΩIP degreeIP30
Permissible extraneous DC voltage Ufg≤DC280VRated impulse voltage/pollution degree4KV/Ⅲ
Load Current MonitoringMeasuring Value2.1~50AEMCIEC 61326-2-4
Alarm Value5~50ACommunicationRS485(Modbus-RTU)

Features of AIM-M100 Medical Isolated Meter


It has the functions of real-time monitoring and fault alarm of the monitored IT system's insulation resistance to ground, transformer load current, and transformer winding temperature;


It can monitor in real time the disconnection fault of the connection with the system under test, the disconnection fault of the temperature sensor and the disconnection fault of the functional grounding wire, and give an alarm indication when the fault occurs;


It has a variety of fault indication functions such as relay alarm output and LED alarm indication;


The field-bus communication technology adopted communicates with the external alarm and display instrument and the host computer management software, which can monitor the operating status of the IT system in real time;


It has the function of event recording, which can record the time of alarm occurrence and the type of fault, which is convenient for operators to analyze the operation status of the system and eliminate faults in time.

Diagram of AIM-M100 Medical Isolated Meter

Diagram of AIM-M100 Medical Isolated Meter
Diagram of AIM-M100 Medical Isolated Meter
Diagram of AIM-M100 Medical Isolated Meter
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