ASL Series Smart Lighting Control Module

ASL Series Smart Lighting Control Module has a complete range of products and flexible selection of various control methods, especially suitable for lighting systems in hospitals, schools, hotels, and large-scale public construction projects such as sports venues, airports, tunnels, and stations. At present, there are two solutions for the lighting system, one is based on KNX protocol, and the other is based on RS485.

The Smart Lighting Control Module is the basis for realizing human-induced lighting, and it is also an indispensable condition for improving the quality of life and creating a healthy and comfortable light environment.Parameters such as color temperature and luminous flux of natural light change with changes in the environment and time. With the support of sensor technology and intelligent control, people can better make artificial light "return to human factors" and feel comfortable and natural artificial light environment invisibly.


Benefits of ASL Series Smart Lighting Control Module

Benefits of ASL Series Smart Lighting Control Module

The so-called ASL Series lighting control module is to divide the lighting range into several areas, and then automatically control the lighting equipment according to the functional use of a certain area, different time periods, and indoor and outdoor brightness requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of centralized management and unified monitoring. The  control module can not only realize environmental illumination control and lighting energy-saving control, but also preset many lighting scenes, so as to automatically adjust the scenes according to the time, the function of the place and the indoor and outdoor illuminance.

Functions of ASL Series Smart Lighting Control Module

The main functions of the ASL Series Smart Lighting Control Module can be summarized into six aspects: manual control, timing control, automatic control, dimming, centralized management and system docking.

  • Manual control: By installing an intelligent control panel or touch screen in the controlled area, it can realize flexible group control (switching and dimming) of lamps. At the same time, it can also realize the scene switching of lighting, and conveniently manage and adjust the lighting effect of the space.

  • Timing control: Automatically adjust the switch and brightness of the lamps and lanterns according to the preset time plan.

  • Automatic control: Detect environmental conditions through human motion sensors and illuminance sensors, and realize automatic control according to environmental conditions.

  • Dimming control: Adjust the brightness output of lamps and lanterns according to needs, to provide users with better energy-saving effect and more comfortable lighting environment.

  • Centralized management: The smart lighting control module system is connected to the internal network of the enterprise through IP protocol converter (gateway) and other equipment, and the unified and centralized management of the lighting of the entire building or park is carried out in the monitoring center.

  • System docking: Data interaction and command docking with the third-party system or the upper-level BA system, which can realize functions such as forced activation of fire alarm, upload of lighting energy consumption data, and reception of third-party control commands.

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