Design and application of Acrel Smart Miniature circuit Breaker in a bank branch

Abstract: With the application of modern information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence and mobile Internet in the power industry, human-computer interaction and the interconnection of all things in the power system are realized, and an all-round state perception, rational information processing, and convenient and flexible application are realized. The ubiquitous power Internet of Things has become an inevitable trend. This article mainly analyzes and explores the protection design of intelligent miniature circuit breakers in bank branches, and explains its characteristics and advantages.

Keywords: bank branches; smart miniature circuit breaker; smart gateway; IOT


1 Introduction

With the rapid growth of the national economy and the rapid development of the power grid, the electricity load in cities and rural areas has increased, and the electricity load has become diverse and complex. The demand for circuit breakers, the main component for protecting power supply and distribution equipment and circuits, is also becoming increasingly intelligent. Strengthening the research on intelligent monitoring of low-voltage distribution networks and safe power consumption is of great significance, and has attracted more and more attention from the country and enterprises. However, judging from the current situation of bank branches, the existing monitoring and management is not perfect enough and there are many problems.


2 Potential safety hazards in bank electricity use

2.1 Basic management is backward

At present, the power consumption system of bank business premises (business outlets, self-service banks, office buildings, etc.) is still in a state of decentralized and independent operation of single machines without network or intelligence. Traditional protection measures are mainly adopted, with circuit breakers, fuses, leakage protection, timers and other methods as the mainstream, which cannot realize remote real-time monitoring and management of front-end high-power systems.

2.2 Design and application are not uniform

The planning and design are not consistent with the actual application, resulting in irregular number of lines and hidden dangers such as missing ground wires, resulting in equipment and personal safety being unable to be guaranteed.

2.3 Irregular operation and maintenance management

There is a lack of modern technical supervision during the operation process, making it difficult to prevent unreasonable applications. Mismatch between protection and load, random addition of load and irregular shunt leads, years of disrepair, rodent infestation, and irregular use of electrical appliances are all potential fire hazards.

2.4 Equipment management is difficult

The main phenomena in the use of equipment include random installation, disorderly placement, messy wiring, and messy wiring. At the same time, non-24-hour equipment is turned on and operated 24 hours a day, and problems such as insulation aging of equipment operating 24 hours a day pose fire safety risks.

2.5 Waste of electric energy and great safety hazards

70% of the electricity used in bank business premises belongs to commercial electricity, such as lighting, computers, air conditioners, water dispensers, LED screens and other equipment. After getting off work, the power needs to be turned off; however, in actual implementation, there will still be a phenomenon of non-implementation. , causing a lot of energy waste and posing great safety and fire hazards.


3 Functions of intelligent miniature circuit breaker

3.1 Automatic reclosing

In the event of instantaneous faults such as over-voltage, under-voltage, and current leakage, the smart circuit breaker can open to protect the back-end equipment, and automatically close after the fault is eliminated to ensure the power supply of the equipment without the need for manual on-site closing.

3.2 Circuit alarm and protection

When faults such as over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, over-current, leakage, over-temperature, etc. occur on the line, protection will be provided and early warning and alarm information will be sent.

3.3 Measuring function

It can report voltage, current, power, electric energy, leakage, temperature, frequency and other electrical parameters in real time.

3.4 Energy consumption statistics

Users can query the equipment's energy consumption statistics for the day, month, and year through the platform, and export corresponding data tables. At the same time, the platform supports month-on-month statistical analysis of energy consumption, making it convenient for users to quickly formulate energy-saving plans.

3.5 Intelligent parameter setting

Users can set various parameters of the device locally or remotely through the platform, including:

1) Various protection thresholds, protection delay time, protection switch, reclosing time;

2) Timing control parameters for scheduled tasks or scheduled tasks.

3.6 Remote monitoring

The equipment supports remote leakage self-check, remote opening and closing, and adjustable remote control level (local + remote controllable, only locally controllable, only remote). Users can view real-time data, fault warning information, and alarm logs of electrical lines through the platform or mobile APP, and then accurately locate the fault location of electrical equipment, and prevent electrical fires from the source.

4 Acrel one-stop protection solution

4.1 Project Overview

The bank has a total of 2 floors. The first floor has two distribution boxes for socket lighting and air conditioning. The second floor has two distribution boxes for socket lighting, air conditioning and UPS electricity.

4.2 Transformation plan

Check the circuit breakers in the original distribution box and clearly know the control circuit, rated current, circuit breaker size (P), three-phase/single-phase, etc. of each circuit breaker. Each distribution box needs to be equipped with an intelligent gateway, and one gateway is connected to 1-16 intelligent miniature circuit breakers.

Take the air conditioning distribution box on the first floor as an example:



The replacement list is as follows:










Air conditioning distribution box on the 1st floor

Manager's room




Computer room




Hall 1




Hall 2




Low cabinet








High cabinet1




High cabinet2




High cabinet3




Fresh air system






ACSB1 selection table:







*Can monitor voltage, current, power, power and temperature in real time;

*With over-pressure, under-pressure, overload, short circuit, over-current, and over-temperature and other protection functions;

With local manual lever, local electric control, local lock, remote control, timing control and other control function;

*Standard RS-485 (MODBUS) communication,buckle curve type C,Guide rail type installation

*The rated current of the monitoring circuit is 32A,pole number:2P



*Real-time monitoring of voltage, current, power, electric energy, temperature and leakage and other parameters;

*With over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, short circuit, over-current, ultra-moderate leakage and other protection functions;

With local manual lever, local electric control, local lock, remote control, timing control and other control function;

*Standard RS-485 (MODBUS) communication,buckle curve type C,Guide rail type installation

*The rated current of the monitoring circuit is 63A,pole number:4P



*It can connect to up to 16 smart circuit breakers;

*Can see the real-time data of voltage, current, power, power, temperature and leakage of each smart circuit breakers;

*Can view the fault, alarm and separation status of each smart circuit breakers;

*It can set and control the parameters for each smart circuit breakers;

*Din rail type installation; LCD display;

*Support event logging; support RS485 communication

*Support for 4G network communication


4.3 On-site installation

Coordinate with electricians to replace the original circuit breaker with a smart miniature circuit breaker with the same parameters in the event of a complete power outage. Considering that the smart miniature circuit breaker ACSB1-63-C32-2P is 1P larger than the original circuit breaker, the installation position is re-adjusted according to the internal space of the distribution box. The installation diagram is as follows.



4.4 Comparison before and after transformation

The following is a comparison picture before and after the renovation of the UPS power and socket lighting and air conditioning distribution boxes on the second floor.

The UPS on the second floor


                                               Before                                   After


Socket, lighting, air conditioner on the second floor


                                              Before                                   After

4.5 Platform advantages

The combination of intelligent micro-breaker and intelligent gateway dynamically uploads electrical parameters and data to the EIOT cloud platform. With powerful data reception, processing, storage, and access capabilities, the platform integrates functions such as power monitoring, power statistics, and electrical safety, allowing for interconnection and reasonable interaction. Users can check the operating status of each device online on the mobile APP, such as online/offline status, opening/closing status, alarm information, real-time data, etc.





5 Conclusion

By installing smart miniature circuit breakers, you can keep track of energy consumption data, intelligently manage the power distribution system of bank branches, and comprehensively improve the electrical safety prevention capabilities of bank branches. Hidden dangers in the use and management of electrical lines can be dealt with in a focused and step-by-step manner.

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