Prepayment Cloud Platform Solution

Background of Prepayment Cloud Platform Solution

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's material living standards, in order to meet people's daily shopping and eating needs, a large number of commercial complexes have emerged in various places. The management of electricity consumption of each tenant in the commercial complex needs to be solved urgently.

Problems of Prepayment Cloud Platform Solution

While the power consumption of the complex continues to grow and the requirements for power supply quality continue to improve, there are also a large number of arrears of electricity bills, which aggravate the business risks of the operators and managers of commercial complexes.

Solution of Prepayment Cloud Platform

The prepaid cloud platform can better complete the management of electricity sales and consumption of merchants. It is easy to operate and implement remote real-time operation and real-time monitoring of property companies. It has a good man-machine interface, can count and manage data, and has taken confidentiality measures for the data. It can improve the level of management and solve the problem of charging difficulties.

Solution of Prepayment Cloud Platform

Energy Meter Solutions Prepayment

Prepayment Cloud Platform Main Function

Power Meter Solution Prepayment Main Function

Prepayment Cloud Platform Network

Power Meter Solution Prepayment Network

Advantages of Prepayment Cloud Platform Solution

Advantages of Prepayment Cloud Platform Solution
  • Project hosting, no on-site installation: the project site can save a series of work such as configuring prepaid servers, installing databases, and SMS modems. Not only can save a lot of hardware costs, but also greatly reduce debugging and maintenance costs.

  • Remote meter reading, remote electricity sales: meter reading information is uploaded to the cloud platform in real time through the gateway, which is fast and convenient, eliminating the need for manual meter reading; it can realize centralized financial management, real-time power delivery, and compare recharge times to prevent cheating and support one electricity price per household, one water price per household.

  • Cloud deployment, group-style prepayment: System software upgrade and maintenance will no longer be troubled by the customer's network environment. The cloud is deployed uniformly, and the upgrade is convenient and fast; customers do not need to install the client.

  • Amount early warning: Insufficient amount or arrears reminder, and meter recharge reminder, can notify merchants in time through SMS.

  • Remote control: A series of remote control, parameter setting and other operations such as remote switch-on or power protection can be performed on any meter, which is convenient for management.

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