Acrel ARD2M 3 Phase Motor Protection Relay

ARD2M 3 phase motor protection relay is suitable for low-voltage motor circuits with rated voltage up to 660V and rated current up to 800A. It integrates protection, measurement, control, communication, and operation and maintenance. Its complete protection functions ensure the safe operation of the motor, and it has logic programmable functions, which can meet various control methods.It is composed of a main body and a transformer. The main body and the transformer can be combined into one or installed separately, and can be adapted to various cabinets.

power system protective relaying
power system protective relaying
3 phase motor overload
overload motor 3 phase

Parameters of ARD2M 3 Phase Motor Protection Relay


Technical parameters

Technical indicators

Protector auxiliary power supply


The rated working voltage of the motor

AC220V / 380V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Rated operating current of the motor

1 (0.1A-5000A)

Integrated/Split current transformer

5 (0.1A-5000A)




Split current transformer


Relay output contact capacity

Impedance load

AC250V, 10A

Switching input

8 channels of passive dry contact (active DC110V, DC220V, AC220V input can be optional)


RS485 Modbus_RTU, Profibus_DP


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

≤95﹪No condensation, no corrosive gas



Pollution levels

Class 3

Protection grade

Main body IP20, split display module IP54 (installed on the cabinet panel)

Installation category

Level III

Features of ARD2M 3 Phase Motor Protection Relay


It supports power parameter measurement (U, I, P, Q, S, PF, F, EP, EQ), current and current unbalance, current positive sequence, negative sequence, zero sequence component, voltage, three-phase voltage phase angle, residual current;


Optional anti-shock function: it supports immediate restart after shaking power, and restart after voltage loss;


It is equipped with MODBUS_RTU communication as standard, optional PROFIBUS DP communication, and supports up to 2 communication interfaces;


It can be equipped with a 4-20mA analog output interface, which can be connected with the DCS system to monitor the field equipment;


It has various event records such as failure record, start record, stop record, DI displacement record and restart record.


Its display interface is liquid crystal display, which supports Chinese/English switching.

Diagram of ARD 2M 3 Phase Motor Protection Relay

Diagram of ARD 2M 3 Phase Motor Protection Relay
Diagram of ARD 2M 3 Phase Motor Protection Relay
Typical Connection
Diagram of ARD 2M 3 Phase Motor Protection Relay
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