Medical Isolation Power Meter Solutions

Background of Medical Isolation Power Supply Solution

With the wide application of electronic medical equipment in the field of hospitals, the threat of leakage current to patients is also increasing, especially in those places where life is at stake. Patients are directly inserted into various electrodes and sensors during surgery or under anesthesia. In the human body, a small leakage current may cause the patient to be electrocuted and die. Therefore, for the electrical design of the special place of the hospital, it should be carried out in strict accordance with the national standards and specifications.

Problems of Medical Isolation Power Supply Solution

General hospitals are generally equipped with operating departments, the number of which ranges from a few to dozens, and the development trend is getting bigger and bigger. In addition, there are a large number of other important loads in the hospital, such as emergency treatment, rescue, critical care unit, DSA, hemodialysis, delivery room, fire alarm and fire extinguishing equipment, etc., so the demand for electricity is very large, and most operations are irreversible. Yes, if there is a power failure or trip during the operation, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, the power supply and distribution of the operation department must be reliable and safe.

Solution of Medical Isolation Power Supply

Acrel's medical isolated power cabinet and its supporting insulation monitoring device are developed and designed for the power supply requirements of medical class II places, which can well meet the safety and reliability requirements of various operating rooms and intensive care units. requirements and conform to relevant national standards.

Structure of Medical Isolation Power Supply

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Practical Application

Monitoring Software

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Solution Samples

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Advantages of Medical Isolation Power Supply Solution

Advantages of Medical Isolation Power Supply Solution
  • The IT isolated power supply system reduces the contact voltage and the leakage current of the power grid to the ground (effectively controlling the direct leakage current to the heart), so the risk of personal electric shock is reduced to a minimum;

  • When there is an insulation fault point in the grid load, it will not cause the power switch to operate (trip), ensuring the continuity of power supply in the operating room;

  • The leakage current to the ground is reduced, so the fire safety is improved;

  • It can effectively guarantee the normal operation of medical equipment;

  • When troubleshooting and repairing medical equipment, it is often necessary to touch the components in the circuit or the ground wire in the circuit in the energized state, but the medical IT system does not form a circuit with the earth, so electric shock is avoided and the safety of maintenance personnel is ensured.

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