Acrel AIM-T300 Line Insulation Monitor

AIM-T300 line insulation monitor can be used in IT power distribution systems in mines, glass factories, electric furnaces and test equipment, metallurgical plants, chemical plants, explosive hazardous places, computer centers, and emergency power supplies to monitor the insulation status of the IT power distribution system to the ground in real time. In the event of an insulation failure, promptly remind the staff to troubleshoot the failure.

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line insulation monitor
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Specification of AIM-T300 Line Insulation Monitor


Auxiliary Power SupplyFrequency40-60Hz

Power Consumption<8W
Voltage RangeSystem VoltageAC/DC 0~480V
OutputRelay outputCapacityFault Warning

AC 250V/3A
DC 30V/3A

Fault alarm

AC 250V/3A
DC 30V/3A


Features of AIM-T300 Line Insulation Monitor


It has the function of monitoring the insulation resistance of the IT system to the ground, and fault warning;


It has various fault indication functions such as relay output and LED indication;


The field bus communication technology adopted can communicate with external connection and display device or upper computer management terminal, and real-time running status of IT system;


It has the function of fault event recording, which can record the time and type of fault, which is convenient for operators to query and analyze the operation status of the system and eliminate faults in time;


It is suitable for insulation monitoring of AC, DC and AC-DC hybrid IT systems.

Diagram of AIM-T300 Line Insulation Monitor

Diagram of AIM-T300 Line Insulation Monitor
LCD Display
Diagram of AIM-T300 Line Insulation Monitor
Diagram of AIM-T300 Line Insulation Monitor
Typical Connection
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