BR Series Rogowski Coil Current Sensor

BR Series Rogowski coil current sensor is suitable for the measurement of alternating current in a wide frequency range, has no special requirements for conductors and sizes, and has a fast instantaneous response capability. It is widely used in occasions where traditional current measuring devices such as current transformers cannot be used, and is used for current measurement, especially high frequency and large current measurement.

The Acrel BR series Rogowski coil current sensor is incredibly user-friendly and can be installed quickly and easily without any interruption to the system. The sensors are designed for high voltage and harsh environments, such as electrical substations and power plants, and the insulated output provides safety for users.

In conclusion, Acrel's BR series Rogowski coil current sensor is a groundbreaking technology that meets the needs of various clients with distinct current monitoring needs.


Types of BR Series Rogowski Coil Current Sensor

What are the Applications of BR Series Rogowski Coil Current Sensor?

What are the Applications of BR Series Rogowski Coil Current Sensor?

This BR Series Rogowski Coil Current Sensor can directly convert the AC current of the main circuit under test into DC 4-20mA output in linear proportion (DC 1-5V through 250Ω resistance) constant current loop standard signal, and continuously transmit it to the receiving device (computer or display instrument). It can measure a wide range of input signals, the maximum input signal can reach AC 20000A. It has excellent transient tracking ability, and can be used to measure the conductor current with large size or irregular shape. It can be widely used in metallurgy, electroplating, welding and other large current detection fields where traditional current measurement sensors cannot be used normally.

What are the Advantages of Rogowski Coil Current Sensor?

  • Simple installation: due to the small diameter of the Rogowski coil current sensor, the installation work is easy and no special equipment is required;

  • Light weight: Rogowski coil current sensor has small thickness, light weight and easy installation;

  • Small size: the Rogowski coil current sensor is small in size, which can effectively reduce the space;

  • Good short-circuit protection function: the Rogowski coil current sensor can effectively protect the system and effectively reduce the short-circuit current;

  • Fast fault diagnosis: Rogowski coil current sensor can quickly locate the specific fault location when a fault occurs.

Working Principle of Rogowski Coil Current Sensor

Acrel is a renowned brand in the world of current sensors, and one of their latest technologies is the Rogowski Coil Current Sensor. The working principle of the Rogowski Coil Current Sensor is based on Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction. The sensor works by converting a varying magnetic field induced by the current-carrying conductor to a proportional voltage. The coil surrounding the conductor is made up of many turns of a conductor, which are sensitive to AC currents but is not affected by DC currents. The output voltage of Rogowski coils is proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic flux density, which is proportional to the current flowing through the conductor. The Rogowski variable-integration coil improves on the traditional fixed integration coils based on the integration intervals used in signal processing. Acrel's Rogowski Coil Current Sensor is designed with high accuracy, fast response, and a flexible integrator to ensure accurate signal conditioning and provide reliable and high-quality measurement results.

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