DC Energy Meter

An Acrel DC energy meter is an advanced measuring device designed to dutifully record and display direct current (DC) electrical power consumption across a wide range of applications. As part of the Acrel brand, this energy meter boasts unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and durability, making it an essential tool for energy management in industrial and commercial settings.

With its easy-to-read LED display and customizable settings, the Acrel DC energy meter can easily adapt to the user's needs, providing accurate and real-time insights into energy usage trends, and making it an invaluable tool for optimizing energy usage, reducing costs, and enforcing efficient energy management practices.

The Acrel DC energy meter also allows for remote monitoring and control, enabling users to keep tabs on energy usage and receive alerts in real time, ensuring swift action can be taken should any irregularities or abnormalities arise in the energy consumption patterns.

All in all, the Acrel DC energy meter is an innovative and reliable solution that streamlines energy data collection, making it easier for businesses and organizations to monitor, manage and optimize their energy usage effectively.


What are the Features of DC Energy Meter?

What are the Features of DC Energy Meter?

The DC energy meter is designed by Acrel for applications such as DC screens, solar power supplies, and telecommunication base stations. DC Energy Meter can measure the voltage, current, power, positive and negative electric energy in the DC system. It can not only be used for local display, but also can be connected with industrial control equipment and computers to form a measurement and control system. The DC energy meter can have RS-485 communication interface, using Modbus-RTU protocol.It can also have analog output, relay alarm output, switch input/output. According to different requirements, the DC energy meter panel buttons, ratio, alarm, communication and switch output can be set and controlled.

What are the Functions of DC Energy Meter?

Acrel DC energy meter has dual DC input and is mainly designed for applications such as telecom base stations, DC charging piles, and solar photovoltaics. This series of energy meters can measure voltage, current, power, and forward and reverse electric energy in DC systems. In the actual use site, it can measure the total electric energy and the electric energy within a specified time period. The detection results can be used for local display, and can be connected with industrial control equipment and computers to form a measurement and control system. It has forward and reverse active electric energy measurement function, and can complete voltage, current and power measurement. DC Energy meter has the functions of calendar, timing and leap year automatic conversion, and has the function of correcting time. There are two sets of rate periods, and the automatic conversion of the two sets of rate periods can be realized through the preset time. At least two time zones can be set for each set of rate periods throughout the year.

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