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In the spirit of innovation, efficiency, unity and integrity, Acrel's products include power protection devices, energy meter, power sensor, wireless communication terminal, solar power meters, active power filter, isolated power distribution system, and energy consumption monitoring systems, etc., which cover the three major areas of medium and low voltage power monitoring and protection, power energy-saving management and electrical safety. Acrel has 3 R&D departments, 1 pilot test department, 1 technology management department, and multiple public technology design departments. In addition, Acrel is the first production line in the smart energy meter industry to adopt advanced lead-free production technology, providing guarantee for product industrialization and large-scale implementation. Acrel is committed to the R & D and application of smart power monitoring and energy metering management at the user end of the smart grid, which is also one of the leaders in the smart energy meter industry.

Types of Smart Energy Meter Products For Sale

Power Monitoring & Protection Device

Power monitoring and protection includes many different fields, like motor protection, temperature controller, smart lighting control, middle and low voltage protection and residual relay.
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Energy Management

Energy management is realized by measuring the full electric parameters, like current, voltage, power, power factor, unbalance and others. Acrel smart energy meter can be divided into panel power meter and din rail energy meter.
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Power Sensor

In the market for electrical monitoring and automation products, Acrel is a well-known name. The Power Sensor, one of their most well-liked products, is essential for the accurate measurement of electrical characteristics.
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Smart Gateway

Smart wireless gateway is usually designed to connect the device to an IoT platform, and the upload communication can be 4G/Wifi/LoRa/Rs485 and so on.
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New Energy Power Meters

New energy products range from inverter smart meter to string monitoring device, which can measure both AC and DC current.
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Power Quality Filters

Power quality device is used to compensate reactive power by measuring power factor/ harmonic/ three phase unbalance/neutral line current.
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Isolated Power Distribution

Isolated power distribution system is suitable for some vital situation, like ICU or CCU where power outages or malfunctions cannot occur.
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What Is the Smart Energy Meter Function?

What Is the Smart Energy Meter Function?

A digital power energy meter is an instrument used to measure electric energy and various electrical parameters.The Acrel smart meters generally have the following functions:

  • Measuring and storage functions. The power digital meter can measure and store one-way and two-way active and reactive energy in various time periods.

  • Monitoring function.  The digital power monitor meter can monitor the customer's power and maximum demand, and prevent stealing electricity by analyzing the customer's power load curve.

  • Control function. The energy digital meter can implement period control and load control for customers.

  • Management function. The Acrel smart meter is connected with the communication network of the power system or the meter reading system through the communication interface to realize remote data exchange with the outside world.

What is the Working Principle of the Smart Power Meter?

What is the Working Principle of the Smart Power Meter?

The Acrel smart meter is composed of two main functions: one is the electric energy measurement part, and the other is the microprocessor control part. The electric energy measurement part of the digital power energy meter uses a large-scale application-specific integrated circuit to generate a pulse sequence indicating the amount of electricity used, and sends it to the microprocessor for electric energy measurement. After the microprocessor receives the pulse signal, it accumulates the number of input pulses, and realizes the precise measurement of electric energy according to the pulse constant, and transmits data through various interfaces to realize various control functions.

What is the Advantage of Acrel Smart Energy Meter?

The biggest feature of smart energy digital meters is interaction, which means the information interaction between users and power supply companies. The key to information exchange is management, which is more convenient and humanized.

The functions of Acrel smart digital power energy meters include the following aspects:

  • Automatic reading of electricity

  • Realize power restriction and power protection

  • Help users optimize electricity consumption

  • Possess security protection capabilities

  • Effectively support photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and other new energy sources

  • Provide fault analysis basis

  • Facilitate customer payment

  • Check the electricity consumption detection

What is the Advantage of Acrel Smart Energy Meter?

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