MID Certificate of Acrel Energy Meter

Display of Acrel Energy Meter MID Certificate

mid for adl200 single phase energy meter
mid for adl400 three phase energy meter

Advantages of MID Certificate

Advantages of MID Certificate
  • It can ensure fairness and justice in the process of trade transfer and prevent misleading or fraud;

  • It supervises the measurement system involving custody transfer or environmental sanitation, and also supervises various measuring instruments involving custody transfer or environmental sanitation;

  • The certification of MID is more stringent and applicable to a wider range of regions, so it has the highest recognition in the field of international trade;

  • The sale and use of measuring instruments without MID certification is prohibited in the European Union;

  • MID certification can help Acrel expand its business to more overseas markets.

MID Energy Meter

MID Energy Meter

Other Certificates of Acrel Energy Meter and Related Products
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