AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminal

AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminal is a new type of data conversion DTU launched by Acrel. Wireless Communication Terminal includes 2G, 4G, NB, LoRa, LoRaWAN, GPS, WiFi, CE, DP and other communication methods. The downlink interface provides a standard RS485 data interface. It can be conveniently connected to power meters, RTUs, PLCs, industrial computers and other equipment, and only needs to complete the initial configuration once to complete the data collection of MODBUS equipment. At the same time, the AWT100 series wireless communication terminal adopts a powerful micro-processing chip, combined with built-in watchdog technology, and the performance is reliable and stable.


What are the Functions of AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminals?

What are the Functions of AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminals?
  • Support data acquisition of serial port MODBUS RTU protocol, and communicate with Acrel server through Acrel platform protocol.

  • Support data acquisition of up to 30 MODBUS RTU devices.

  • Support the collection of 5 register address fields for each MODBUS device, and the address range of each register does not exceed 64.

  • Support preset alarm address and alarm value trigger alarm for each MODBUS address range. Each address field currently has a maximum of 5 alarm addresses.

  • Support server MODBUS or LoRa transparent transmission communication.

  • Support fixed IP and dynamic domain name resolution to connect to the data center.

  • Support transparent transmission protocol, common mode (active round-robin, regular reporting), MQTT protocol, smart power wireless protocol, prepaid wireless protocol, etc., and can be customized for development.

  • AWT100-LW wireless communication terminal can upload data to the server through LoRa communication.

What are the Applications of AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminals?

The AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminal collects the status information of the local device through RS485/Modbus-RTU, and then transmits the information to the terminal device, server, cloud platform, etc. through wireless or wired transmission to realize wireless interconnection. The user does not need to re-establish the communication network structure, which is more convenient to use and reduces the cost at the same time.Its applications include wireless meter reading,building automation and security,robot control,power distribution network monitoring, power load monitoring,intelligent lighting control,automatic data collection,industrial remote control telemetry,highway, railway data transmission,and other electric power and industrial control industries, etc.

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