BD Series Electrical Transducer

BD Series Electrical Transducers are one of the popular offerings from the renowned brand Acrel, an expert in electrical measurement instrumentation. The BD Series Transducers are designed to measure AC and DC voltage and current, and various other electrical parameters. The transducers have an accuracy of up to 0.2 percent, making them a reliable option for applications where high-precision is necessary. Moreover, the transducer is designed with an RS485 communication interface that facilitates remote connectivity, making the collection and sharing of data easy. The BD Series Transducers are easy to install and operate, and they come equipped with configurable parameters that allow them to suit a variety of application requirements. With excellent insulation and high-quality electrical isolation between the input and output, the Acrel BD Series Electrical Transducers are safe to use and reliable.


What are the Features of BD Series Electrical Transducer?

What are the Features of BD Series Electrical Transducer?

BD series electrical transducers are designed in accordance with GB/T 13850 Measurement transmitters for converting AC power into analog or digital signals. Its measurement accuracy level is as high as 0.5, and the new series can reach 0.2. It is able to measure all power parameters and freely combine the transmission output types. It is a true effective value measurement, suitable for occasions with harsh environments such as large harmonics and distortion of voltage and current waveforms. It can be equipped with RS485 communication interface, which is convenient for computer programming, and users can easily build their own measurement and control system. At the same time, it can be equipped with a display module, which can directly change the input range and transmission type. The built-in perforated installation type of the transformer is optional, which is convenient for construction and wiring and saves costs.

How to Choose BD Series Electrical Transducer?

  • Determine the input type, whether it is three-phase three-wire or three-phase four-wire, or single-phase measurement.

  • Determine the measurement signal, such as phase voltage, line voltage, current, power, frequency or power factor.

  • Determine the corresponding relationship between the measurement signal and the output signal, for example, AC 0-100V corresponds to DC 4-20mA.

  • Generally, our BD Series electrical transducer measures the secondary side signals. If it is necessary to correspond to the primary side signals, it is also necessary to increase the transformation ratio of the voltage transformer and the current transformer.

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