The Application of Acrel ABAT100 Battery Monitoring System

1. Background

Main causes of battery failure




Excessive cycle discharge

The capacity of the battery is affected by the number of discharges, and any deep over-discharge will shorten its life.

Rapid capacity drop, higher internal resistance, shorter battery life

The battery connector is not sealed tightly

Acid spill

Higher internal resistance

Loose connection

Improper hardware connection

Higher internal resistance and temperature

Low float charge voltage

Acid crystallization

Capacity drop and higher internal resistance

High float charge voltage

Gas overflow--Drying or dissipation, dynamic material falling off

Capacity drop and higher internal resistance


High temperature

High operating temperature--shortened life, drying up, dissipation

Internal resistance and float charge current increase

Discharged without charging

Not fully charged within 48 hours after being fully discharged

Battery damage or breakdown


Over discharge--plate deformation

Permanent damage

Increased internal resistance of electrolyte

The internal resistance of the electrolyte increases

Reduced rated capacity and higher internal resistance

Increased metal internal resistance

Wiring Problems

Cracking or explosion

2. Acrel ABAT100 Battery Monitoring System

Acrel's ABAT100 series battery online monitoring system is an online battery monitoring product that can provide early warning of failed batteries and battery balancing, in compliance with ANSI/TIA-942 standard requirements.



The system has the function of monitoring the voltage, internal resistance and internal temperature of the battery, and is very convenient to install, maintain and access. The system is mainly composed of ABAT100-S module, ABAT100-C module, ABAT100-HS collector, and ATP010KT touch screen. The collector can be used to query alarms and real-time data, set parameters, etc., and an optional monitoring platform can be used to achieve networked centralized management.

ABAT100-HS data collector

1) Used to manage and collect data from the front-end distributed single battery monitoring module, and perform data processing, analysis, alarm generation, storage and upload;

2) One collector can manage 1 group, 120 batteries;

3) Data is automatically analyzed and processed to estimate the remaining battery capacity;

4) Supports MODBUS protocol and can be connected to third-party monitoring systems.

ABAT100-S single battery monitoring module

1) 24-hour online monitoring to detect degraded batteries at any time;

2) Divided into three detection ranges of 2V, 6V, and 12V, meeting the requirements of most batteries;

3) Each module monitors one battery, monitoring voltage, internal resistance and negative electrode temperature;

4) Simple installation, one wire is connected to each positive and negative electrode, and can be installed without special training.

ABAT100-C single battery monitoring module

1) Online monitoring of charge and discharge current and ambient temperature 24 hours a day;

2) With photoelectric isolation, supports MODBUS protocol, and is easy to connect to third-party monitoring systems;

3) Highly reliable and stable performance.

C module with Hall current sensor

ATP touch screen

1) Real-time data, alarm information, event query and statistics

2) Diversified graphic display such as curve chart, bar chart, ring chart, etc.

3) RS485 serial port / RJ45 network port / USB interface

4) 24VDC power supply

5) Embedded installation

6) 7/10 inch industrial touch screen optional

3. Typical industry applications

3.1 BMS For Data center

The UPS power supply system is the core part of the data center power supply quality, and the battery is one of the most important components of the entire system and the "last barrier" of the entire power supply system.

The Acrel ABAT100 battery online monitoring system scientifically manages the operation and maintenance of the battery system, monitors and maintains it, and promptly discovers potential faults, thereby objectively extending the service life of the battery, ensuring power supply safety, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

3.2 BMS For Tower Base Station

The country vigorously implements the network power strategy, laying a solid foundation for the sustained and rapid development of the mobile communications industry. To ensure the 24-hour stable operation of the base station, the backup power supply plays a very important role.

Acrel ABAT100 battery online monitoring system protects the stable operation of the tower base station, can realize real-time online monitoring of battery parameters, and issue early warnings for battery failures and risks in a timely manner. It is extremely convenient to install, maintain and access, ensuring the safe operation of the battery.

3.3 BMS For Petroleum&Petrochemicals

Petroleum and petrochemical refineries, power plants, docks, tank farms, control rooms, substations, and data centers have extremely high requirements for the stability and sustainability of the power supply system. In the exploration, drilling, oil production, transportation, and refining, computer rooms and data centers are equipped for data storage and analysis.

Acrel ABAT100 battery online monitoring system comprehensively manages the batteries of the petroleum and petrochemical backup power system, monitors battery performance indicators online in real time, and warns of safety risk batteries, failed batteries, and batteries with performance degradation, ensuring the long-term safe and stable operation of the backup power system.

3.4 BMS For Rail Traffic

The battery energy storage equipment on the train is related to life safety. In an emergency, it ensures escape functions such as basic lighting and door control power supply.

Acrel ABAT100 battery online monitoring system fully protects the safety of train operation. It has the advantages of stability, reliability, and strong anti-interference. The data is updated in real time and aggregated to the power monitoring system to assist operation and maintenance personnel to ensure the safe operation of the train backup battery.

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