Application of Multifunction Energy Meter in Vietnam Hydropower Station

Abstract: The intelligence, refinement and visualization of the distribution system are the trend of distribution management. The smart power meter is designed and installed for the main energy-consuming nodes on the user side, in order to real time monitor the working state of each load circuit by background system,and the electricity consumption, water consumption, and gas consumption of each circuit are measured. Real-time monitoring of energy consumption and related power parameters can improve the safety of energy usage, improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance, reduce labor cost of maintenance, and realize the unattended monitoring of distribution system. Through real-time monitoring of energy, data collection and storage, the operating status of the power supply and distribution system is clarified, it will save electricity maintenance costs and provide reasonable charges for properties. This article shows a brief introduction of the PZ power meters used in the Vietnam hydropower project.

1. Project Overview

The high-voltage power distribution room of Vietnam hydroelectric power station adopts SCADA monitoring and PLC control. The customer connects to the SCADA system through RS485 communication for measurement, but uses 4-20mA analog signal control. Acrel PZ96-E4/M meter has various functions, clear display, standard configuration of modbus-RTU and analog output, which is suitable for application.

2. PZ Series Programmable Intelligent Electric Meters

The PZ power meter is designed for the power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, and smart buildings. It can measure all common power parameters, such as three-phase current, voltage, active and reactive power, electricity, harmonics, etc. Since the power meter also has a complete communication function, we call it network power meter. It is very suitable for real-time power monitoring system.

3. Model Description



4. Installation picture


5. Summary

PZ series power meter have high price performance, which can replace power transmitter and other measuring instrument. As an advanced intelligent and digital acquisition device, the power meter has been widely used in various control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems.

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