Where is your company located?

Our headquarter is in Shanghai, our factory locates in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, China. It takes about 1 hour by car from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to our factory. As it is low labor cost here in Jiangsu, we can offer a better price with high quality.

What's the payment terms?

Usually 100% TT, credit card, western union, in cash and so on. You can also choose to pay 30% as a deposit and the balance before shipment or against a copy of B/L if the order is large.

Why you choose Acrel?

Acrel company was set up in 2003 and we have been in business for 20 years. Our company stock code is SZ.300286. Acrel has two factories which produce energy meters and current transformers. We have an R&D team which develops new products. We also have a test center to ensure the quality of the product. Besides, we are now professional in export business.

What is lead time?

Samples will need 3 working days. 1000pcs lead time 5 working days.

Can you provide OEM service?

Yes, we can. We provide OEM service for customers.

What kinds of energy meter do you have?

We have AC energy meter, DC power meter, multi function energy meter, multi loops energy meter and wireless energy meter etc.

How to do when the RS485 network communication fault?

Please first confirm whether the RS485 wiring is loose, AB reverse connection and other problems, and then click the key to check the table of general parameters numbers, such as address, baud rate, check bits etc., are set correctly.

How to do when the LoRa communication fault?

Please use the USB to 485 serial port line to connect with the instrument RS485 interface, and read the parameters in the table through communication. Verify whether the parameters in the table are the same as the wireless configuration of the upper main station (channel and spread spectrum factor). If they are different, please modify the instrument wireless parameters to be consistent with the master station and then test again; If the same, it may be the instrument and the master station. Too far apart or serious field interference, at this time can try to use an external suction cup antenna, or consider the nearby new wireless master and test again.

What is the difference between ordinary secondary access and W type external transformer?

General secondary access to the built-in transformer. The transformer is selected according to the actual current on site. Model W comes with external transformer (can not be disassembled, otherwise it will burn the meter). The transformer has been installed on site for easy wiring and is free of disassembly.

What are the meanings of 3x57.7/100V, 3x220/380V, 3X380/660V, 3X100V, 3X380V, 3X660V?

3x100V, 3x57.7/100V used for high voltage, with voltage transformer. 3x100V stands for 3P3W, 3x57.7/100V stands for 3P4W; 3x380V, 3x220V/380V, 3x660V, 3x380/660V used for low voltage, with voltage directly input. 3x380V, 3x660V stands for 3P3W, 3x220V/380V, 3x380/660V stands for 3P4W.

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