New Energy Power Meters

Acrel New Energy device is mainly used in the photovoltaic industry and the charging pile industry.The Acrel New Energy device is a highly accurate and reliable device that can monitor the real-time energy consumption of electrical equipment in commercial and industrial settings. This device can help businesses reduce their energy costs, improve energy efficiency and meet regulatory requirements.Acrel, with its decades of experience in energy management solutions, has once again delivered a highly innovative and future-ready solution with its new energy device.


What are the Features of Solar String Monitoring Device?

  • The primary current is connected in the way of perforation, which is convenient for installation and high in safety;

  • The measuring element adopts Hall sensor, and the maximum current of isolation measurement is 20A;

  • The voltage measurement function can measure the bus voltage up to DC 1500V;

  • It has a digital tube display, suitable for wide temperature, outdoor environment query and debugging operations;

  • It has an internal temperature measurement function to measure the temperature inside the combiner box in real time;

  • It is equipped with RS485 communication interface as standard;

  • A variety of power supply options are available;

  • It is compatible with guide rail installation and bottom plate fixed installation, small size, saving cabinet space;

  • The DC bus voltage input circuit is protected by a built-in DC 1kV fuse.

What are the Features of Solar String Monitoring Device?

What are the Functions of EV Charger?

  • Intelligent monitoring: The intelligent controller of the EV Charger has the functions of measuring, controlling and protecting the charging pile, such as operating status monitoring, fault status monitoring, charging measurement and billing, and linkage control of the charging process.

  • Smart metering: It comes with charging metering and pulse output, and the information can be uploaded to the cloud platform.

  • Cloud platform: It has the function of connecting to the cloud platform, which can realize real-time monitoring, financial statement analysis and so on.

  • Protection function: It has functions such as lightning protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and grounding protection.

  • Remote upgrade: With perfect communication function, the device software can be upgraded remotely.

  • Reliable material: It can guarantee long-term use and resist complex weather conditions.

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