BA Series Electrical Transducer

BA Series Electrical Transducer is a device for detecting alternating current. It can feel the information of the measured AC current, and can transform the information sensed by the detection into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain rules, so as to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control requirements. It is the first link to realize automatic detection and automatic control.

One of the leading brands in Electrical Transducers is Acrel. With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing electrical measurement and control instruments, Acrel has established itself as a trusted and reliable brand in the industry.

Moreover, Acrel Electrical Transducers are also known for their high-quality construction and durable design, ensuring long-lasting operation and minimal maintenance requirements. With Acrel, customers can expect reliable and efficient Electrical Transducers that meet their specific application needs.


What are the Advantages of BA Series Electrical Transducer?

What are the Advantages of BA Series Electrical Transducer?

BA series electrical transducer uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the AC current in the power grid in real time, and uses precision constant current technology and linear temperature compensation technology to isolate and transform it into a standard DC signal output. Powered by 24V or 12V safety voltage, it has the characteristics of strong overload capacity, high precision, high isolation, high safety, and low power consumption, and can be widely used in the field of industrial automation.

The residual current sensor in the BA series is specially used for leakage monitoring, monitoring the insulation status of electrical lines or electrical equipment, and avoiding accidents caused by the degradation of insulation performance of electrical lines or electrical equipment. The product complies with GB/T 13850-1998, GB 1208-2006.

What are the Applications of BA Series Electrical Transducer?

BA Series Electrical Transducer is an instrument that can convert the measured AC current into a linear proportional output DC voltage or DC current. It is widely used in various industrial automation systems, electrical installations, automatic control and dispatching systems in electric power, post and telecommunications, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, railway, municipal and other departments.The BA series electrical transducer, manufactured by Acrel, is widely used in various industrial applications due to its high accuracy and reliability. 

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