Acrel AMC48-AI AC Single Phase Current Meter

Acrel's AMC48-AI AC single phase current meter is a digital energy meter with RS485 communication capabilities. With a panel-mounted LCD display and Class 0.5 accuracy for active energy, it is a smart energy meter suitable for various applications. Rated AC current options include AC1A and 5A, with a power consumption of less than 0.5VA and auxiliary power supply of AC 220V. Its panel size is 48*48mm, cutout size 45*45mm, and depth is 93mm for easy installation. Choose Acrel single energy meter for accurate monitoring and efficient energy management.

acrel single energy meter
acrel single energy meter
1 phase digital energy meter
digital energy meter single phase

Specifications of AMC48-AI AC Single Phase Current Meter

Technical Datasheet
DisplayLCD display, set multiplying power
Rated U & IAC current: AC1A, 5A
AccuracyActive energy: Class 0.5
InstallationPanel mounted


Panel size (L×W): 48*48mm
Cutout(L×W): 45*45mm
Depth (H): 93mm


Current: Power consumption< 0.5VA;
Auxiliary power supply: power consumption≤5VA
Auxiliary power supplyAC 220V

Technical ParameterValue
InputRated ValueSingle phase AC 100V,400V,660V(UL-L,Only 72/ 96)
AC current:AC1A,5A;
OverloadVoltage: 1.2 times rated value(continuous); 2 times rated value /1 second
Current:1.2 times rated value(continuous); 10 times rated value /1 second
Power ConsumptionThe power consumption of each voltage, the current input circuit is less than 0.5VA
AccuracyClass 0.5
FunctionDisplayLED or LCD
CommunicationRS485,Modbus-RTU protocol;(1 start bit,8 data bit,1 stop bit,no parity)
Baud Rate 2400/4800/9600/19200 bps etc.
Alarm1 channel passive relay,contact capacity 3A/30VDC,3A/250VAC, Used for high,low,unbalance alarm etc.
AnalogDC4~20mA,( load <500Ω)
(note: Shielded wire is specially selected for the above signal input and output)
SwitchingInput:4 channel or 2-channel dry contact Input, built-in power supply
Output:2 channel switching output, NO relay contact,capacity:3A/30VDC,3A/250VAC
Auxiliary SupplyAC/DC 85-265V
Power Consumption<5VA
Insulation resistance≥ 100MΩ
Power frequency withstands voltageBetween the power supply set of terminals and signal input, the output set of terminals 2kV/1min (RMS)
Between the shell and all sets of terminals(except the set of terminals reference voltage less than 40V) AC 4kV
EnvironmentTemperatureOperation: -10℃~+55℃Storage: -25°C ~+70°C
Humidity≤95%RH, no condensation, without corrosive gas
Altitude≤ 2500m

Diagram of AMC48-AI AC Single Phase Current Meter

Diagram of AMC48-AI AC Single Phase Current Meter
Diagram of AMC48-AI AC Single Phase Current Meter
Diagram of AMC48-AI AC Single Phase Current Meter
Diagram of AMC48-AI AC Single Phase Current Meter
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