ANet Series Smart Gateway

ANet Series Smart Gateway is an embedded hardware computer platform with multiple downlink communication interfaces and one or more uplink network interfaces. It is used to sort out and summarize the communication data of all intelligent monitoring/protection devices in a target area, and then upload it to the master station system in real time to complete energy data collection functions such as remote signaling and telemetry.

At the same time, ANet Series Smart Gateway supports receiving commands issued by the superior master station system and forwarding them to the intelligent series units in the target area, so as to complete the remote control of opening and closing of each switchgear in the plant station or parameter setting of the device. In this way, remote control and remote adjustment functions are realized, so as to achieve the goal of remote control output dispatching commands.


Types of ANet Series Smart Gateway

What are the Features of ANet Series Smart Gateway?

What are the Features of ANet Series Smart Gateway?
  • Modularization can be flexibly expanded;

  • 8-way passive dry contact switch value collection, which can collect switch value information such as instruments, access control, water immersion, and smoke detectors in real time;

  • One main Lora optional built-in module can wirelessly collect 32 slave Lora instruments, eliminating the need for wiring to achieve rapid deployment;

  • One 4G full Net-com wireless module can be expanded to provide 4G upload and 4G wireless routing functions;

  • Three 485 serial port modules can be expanded, and each serial port module provides four RS485 serial ports;

  • One USB wireless network card can be expanded to support access to wifi wireless network, and can support data collection of wifi instruments or data forwarding and uploading of wifi network;

  • It can run for more than 5 seconds after power failure, and supports power failure alarm requirements of operation and maintenance protocols;

  • All expansion modules can be purchased separately, which is more convenient for on-site environment modification and business expansion, and saves costs.

What are the Advantages of ANet Series Smart Gateway?

ANet Series Smart Gateway is widely used in the power system. It can manage the on-site smart meters, sensors and other equipment in a unified way, organize and summarize the monitored data, and realize the communication of remote signaling and telemetry between the upper and lower stations. ANet Series Smart Gateway is based on the ARM platform and adopts an embedded operating system, which has properties such as real-time, reliability, scalability, rich protocol support, and stable operation. It can carry out real-time monitoring of telemetry and remote signaling data collected by various equipment on the project site, and forward the data to the power monitoring platform to improve the reliability, safety and quality of power consumption on the project site.

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