APM Series Panel Multifunction Energy Meter

The APM (Acrel Panel Multifunction) Series Energy Meter is a cutting-edge panel energy meter designed by Acrel, a leading energy management solutions provider. It provides highly accurate and stable real-time measurements of various electrical parameters, such as voltage, current, power, energy, power factor, and frequency. It also offers multiple communication protocols to facilitate data transfer, including Modbus RTU, TCP/IP, and RS485. The APM series energy meter is widely used in various industries such as power generation, petroleum, chemical, steel, and other industrial sectors. It is designed to provide high-quality data collection, transmission, and timely processing capabilities, enabling users to control and manage their energy consumption, improve efficiency, and reduce waste. With its sleek design, versatile features, and robust performance, the APM series energy meter is an ideal solution for monitoring and managing energy consumption in buildings or industrial settings. It offers a reliable and cost-effective solution to increase energy efficiency, optimize energy management, and reduce energy costs.


Adavntages of APM Series Panel Multifunction Energy Meter

Adavntages of APM Series Panel Multifunction Energy Meter

Acrel's APM Series Panel Multifunction Energy Meter offers numerous advantages for monitoring and measuring energy consumption. This cutting-edge technology provides real-time power, voltage, current, and energy consumption data. It is highly accurate with minimal drift, and its modular design allows for easy expansion and customization. The device's user-friendly interface makes it simple to read and interpret data, while its compact size and easy installation make it versatile and practical. Additionally, the APM Meter can be used in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Overall, the APM Series Panel Multifunction Energy Meter is a highly reliable, accurate, and practical energy monitoring and management solution.

Functions of APM Series Panel Multifunction Energy Meter

The APM Series Panel Multifunction Energy Meter from Acrel is a powerful instrument that provides important electrical parameters for energy management. It accurately measures and displays parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, active/reactive energy, and power factor. The meter can support a wide range of current transformers, which makes it suitable for different types of applications. It has various functions such as RS-485 communication, alarm control, and energy pulse output. The APM Series Meter can be used to monitor and manage energy consumption in various industries, including manufacturing, data centers, commercial buildings, and more. It is an effective energy management tool that helps reduce energy consumption, enhances efficiency, and saves costs.

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