Acrel AMC72-DV DC Volt Meter

AMC72-DV DC voltmeter is often used in DC motor drive circuits, battery charging circuits, battery testing, etc. Using direct access, you can choose digital tube or liquid crystal display, and the opening size is 67*67mm. It can be equipped with 4-20mA analog output, 1 relay alarm output, and 2 switch input/output. It can not only be used for local display, but also can be connected with industrial control equipment to form a measurement and control system.

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Specification of AMC72-DV Dc Volt Meter

Technical Datasheet


Current: Class 0.5

Power Supply

AC 220V

Current: Power consumption

< 0.5VA

Power supply

power consumption≤5VA


Embedded installing

Starting current


parameters of dv dc volt meter
parameters of di dc ampere meter







Switch relay

DC 30V/3A AC 220V/3A

Technical ParameterValue
InputRated ValueAC voltage: Single phase AC 100V,400V
Three phases 100V,400V,660V(UL-L,Only 72/ 96)
AC current:AC1A,5A;
DC voltage:1000V,300V,75mV,10V;
DC current: 0-20mA,4-20mA,5A;
OverloadVoltage: 1.2 times rated value(continuous); 2 times rated value /1 second
Current:1.2 times rated value(continuous); 10 times rated value /1 second
Power ConsumptionThe power consumption of each voltage, the current input circuit is less than 0.5VA
AccuracyClass 0.5
FunctionDisplayLED or LCD
CommunicationRS485,Modbus-RTU protocol;(1 start bit,8 data bit,1 stop bit,no parity)
Baud Rate 2400/4800/9600/19200 bps etc.
Alarm1 channel passive relay,contact capacity 3A/30VDC,3A/250VAC, Used for high,low,unbalance alarm etc.
AnalogDC4~20mA,( load <500Ω)
(note: Shielded wire is specially selected for the above signal input and output)
SwitchingInput:4 channel or 2-channel dry contact Input, built-in power supply
Output:2 channel switching output, NO relay contact,capacity:3A/30VDC,3A/250VAC
Auxiliary SupplyAC/DC 85-265V
Power Consumption<5VA
Insulation resistance≥ 100MΩ
Power frequency withstands voltageBetween the power supply set of terminals and signal input, the output set of terminals 2kV/1min (RMS)
Between the shell and all sets of terminals(except the set of terminals reference voltage less than 40V) AC 4kV
EnvironmentTemperatureOperation: -10℃~+55℃Storage: -25°C ~+70°C
Humidity≤95%RH, no condensation, without corrosive gas
Altitude≤ 2500m

Features of AMC72-DV Dc Volt Meter


With RS485 interface, it can transmit MODBUS-RTU protocol;


The DC voltage can be 1000V or 300V; the current can be connected to a Hall transformer or a shunt;


LED digital tube display or LCD liquid crystal display can be chosen accordingly and the precision can reach 0.5 level.

Diagram of AMC72-DV Dc Volt Meter

Diagram of AMC72-DV Dc Volt Meter
Diagram of AMC72-DV Dc Volt Meter
Diagram of AMC72-DV Dc Volt Meter
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