Acrel ANAPF Active Power Filter

ANAPF active power filter collects system harmonic current through CT, quickly calculates and extracts the content of each harmonic current through the controller, and then generates harmonic current command. The compensation current with equal magnitude and opposite direction to the harmonic current is generated by the power actuator and injected into the power system, thereby offsetting the harmonic current generated by the nonlinear load.

active harmonic
active harmonic
active harmonic filter
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Specification of ANAPF Active Power Filter


1)Flexible compensation method: Compensate for harmonics only, compensate for reactive power only, compensate for both harmonics and reactive power, could compensate for 2th-25th harmonics or compensate for specific harmonics;

2)Ability to manage three-phase imbalance;

3)Linear compensation, Response time ≤ 5ms;

4)Humanized human-computer interaction interface, which displays real-time power quality information of the system and the ontology. This interface has the ability to control the device remotely and is easy to operate;

5)Adopt imported IGBT which has high power density and high reliability;

6)Using DSP digital control system for high-speed detection and calculation;

7)With remote communication interface, real-time monitoring through PC;

8)Standard modular design which reduces lead times and increases reliability and maintainability.

parameters of anapf active power filter

ANAPF Active Power Filter



Response time

Full response time≤5ms,Instantaneous response time≤100μs

Total harmonic compensation rate

≥ 97%,3th/5th/7th/9th independent compensation rate ≥ 98%





Switching frequency


ANAPF Active Power FilterANAPF Active Power FilterANAPF Active Power Filter

Features of ANAPF Active Power Filter


By suppressing harmonics, purifying the power grid, and saving 8%-20% of comprehensive electricity related costs, the use of this equipment can quickly and effectively recover the investment cost (generally no more than two years);


It can save the cost of power transformer and cable expansion, and improve the service life of power transformer;


It can filter out harmonics, ensure the safety of power supply, and avoid electricity accidents (such as electrical fires, or shutdown due to electricity failure);


It can extend the life of electronic equipment and components, such as reactive power compensation capacitors;


The power factor can be improved, and the power factor can reach 0.95-1 (to meet the electricity requirements of enterprises, avoid high penalties, or even stop power supply).

Diagram of ANAPF Active Power Filter

Diagram of ANAPF Active Power Filter
Diagram of ANAPF Active Power Filter
Diagram of ANAPF Active Power Filter
Diagram of ANAPF Active Power Filter
Diagram of ANAPF Active Power Filter
Diagram of ANAPF Active Power Filter
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