Acrel anti-backflow meter apply in the Philippines photovoltaic project


With the development of photovoltaic industry, the capacity of village-level transformers and industrial power transformers and the installed capacity of photovoltaic projects are saturated in some areas.The power grid company requires the photovoltaic grid-connected system to be a non-backflow current generation system, which means that the electricity generated by the photovoltaic grid-connected system is consumed by the local load, and the excess electricity is not allowed to be sent to the upper power grid through the low-voltage distribution transformer in reverse direction.

Photovoltaic inverter in photovoltaic components will produce direct current into alternating current (ac), has the dc component and harmonic mixing, unbalanced three phase current, output power of uncertainty, such as the current basic didn't take effective management measures, therefore, when there is power to the utility grid, will generate harmonic pollution to power network, easy cause power grid voltage fluctuation and flicker, etc.,If there are many such power sources to transmit electricity to the grid, the power quality of the grid will be seriously degraded.Therefore, this kind of photovoltaic power generation system must be equipped with anti-backflow current facilities to prevent the occurrence of reverse power.

When the photovoltaic power generation is greater than the load demand, the inverse power will be generated.So we need instruments to determine that Inverter has power output, and then by the instrument through RS485 communication signal and inverter data interaction, adjust the inverter output power, so that its output power and power balance.

2.Project Overview

A photovoltaic power generation company in the Philippines contacted our company to look for anti-backflow current meters. After proper connection agreement, we will purchase ACR10R-D16TE from our company.

3.Anti-backflow Detection Meter


When the photovoltaic power generation is greater than the load demand, reverse power will be generated. Therefore, we need an meter to determine that the inverter has over-power output, and then the meter sends a signal through RS485 communication to interact with the inverter data to adjust the output power of the inverter to balance the output power and the electrical power.







6.Typical Connection


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