AM Series Medium Voltage Protection Relay

Acrel is a leading manufacturer of power monitoring and protection equipment, and the AM series middle voltage protection relay is one of their flagship products. Designed to protect electrical systems from damage due to over-current, over-voltage, and other faults, the AM series protection relay provides reliable and efficient protection for medium-voltage equipment. 

The AM series protection relay is a multifunctional device that can be configured to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of applications. It features advanced protection algorithms and a high-speed trip output to ensure rapid response and minimize damage to electrical equipment in the event of a fault. The protection relay also includes a user-friendly touchscreen interface for easy programming and monitoring. In addition, the AM series protection relay is designed for easy installation and maintenance, with a compact and modular design that allows for flexible mounting options. Acrel's commitment to quality is evident in the excellent performance and reliability of the AM series protection relay, making it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.


Applications of AM Series Middle Voltage Protection Relay

Applications of AM Series Middle Voltage Protection Relay

AM series Medium Voltage Protection Relay integrates protection, measurement and control. It is suitable for user terminal substations with a voltage level of 35kV and below, and can realize comprehensive protection, measurement and control of user substations. The application fields cover electric power, water conservancy, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, metallurgy and other industries.Acrel's AM series middle voltage protection relay plays a vital role in providing comprehensive protection to medium voltage electrical systems. These relays are designed to detect faults in power distribution networks and trigger the necessary protective measures to prevent damage to equipment and ensure system stability.

The Advantages of AM Series Middle Voltage Protection Relay

The AM Series Middle Voltage Protection Relay adopts mature and reliable protection principles and algorithms, strong anti-interference performance, high reliability, flexible protection implementation, and redundant design for communication. The AM protection relay has an independent high-precision current measurement circuit, multi-channel switch value acquisition and relay output, and can be used in conjunction with the integrated automation system of the substation or the electrical automation system of the power plant, and can realize the unattended end-user substation distribution automation system. The protection relay can be installed centrally in a group of screens, or directly installed on the switch cabinet for decentralized control.

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