Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Background of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

According to statistics, a considerable part of the accidents in the power system in recent years is related to the heating problem of electrical equipment. Therefore, monitoring the temperature of electrical equipment is particularly important.

Problems of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Switch cabinets, bus joints, and outdoor gate switches in power plants (substations) are all important equipment. During long-term operation, the contacts of switches and bus connections will heat up due to excessive contact resistance due to aging, and The temperature of the hot part is difficult to monitor, which eventually leads to accidents. The closed switch cabinet is forbidden to be opened during operation, so it is difficult to measure the actual temperature of the contact head during the operation. If the overheating defect of the contact head is not discovered and dealt with in time, it will seriously threaten the safety of electric power production.

Solution of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System 

The temperature online monitoring system is mainly composed of a temperature sensor and a temperature acquisition/display unit at the equipment layer, an edge computing gateway at the communication layer, and a temperature measurement system host at the station control layer to realize online temperature monitoring of key electrical parts of the power transformation and distribution system.

Structure of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Structure of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Advantages of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Advantages of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
  • Safety: Through independent equal potential insulation installation, creepage effects can be effectively avoided without reducing the safety performance of electrical equipment.

  • Accuracy: The imported high-precision digital temperature sensor adopts contact temperature measurement, which is very close to the heating point and can quickly and accurately monitor the temperature change of the temperature measurement point.

  • Flexibility: It is small in size, easy to install, flexible in networking, wired or wireless, and convenient for increasing the number of monitoring points.

  • Ease of use: Based on an excellent operating platform, it adopts a modular design and is easy to operate. It is convenient to connect with the local area network and wide area network of each system, and integrate into the automatic comprehensive control system. Corresponding interfaces are reserved to facilitate expansion and ensure future adaptability.

  • Low power consumption: Low power consumption design prolongs the service life of the sensor while ensuring normal temperature measurement.

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