High Voltage Test Computer Detection and Test Operating System in PT. XD Sakti Indonesia

The project is located in the development zone of Jakarta, Indonesia. It is required to carry out various experiments such as no-load test, load test and induction withstand voltage test on the transformers and record the experimental process data and results.

1.Project Scope


Monitoring of Acrel's meters on the manual console, the 7500kVA power frequency generator set, the 3000kVA intermediate frequency generator set, the intermediate transformer, the reactor and the high voltage switchgear circuit breaker.


1). This project adopts PLC system to centrally control the whole test station, and prevent human error operation through complex interlocking circuit design;

2). In order to ensure the stability of the high-voltage experiment, the project also designs a set of manual control loops composed of buttons, which can fully guarantee the normal operation and test.

3.Solution & Result




Acrel provides high-voltage test computer detection and test operating system composed of Acrel-2000 power monitoring software, PLC and manual console. The user realizes no-load current and no-load loss measurement, no-load current harmonic measurement, external induction withstand voltage test, short-circuit impedance and load loss measurement, three-phase transformer zero-sequence impedance measurement, temperature rise test and other functions through this solution. After the high-voltage test system is put into operation, the accuracy of the test data and the data storage time are greatly improved, and the basic data for realizing the trace-ability of the factory transformer are provided.

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