Acrel ARD3M Motor Management Relay

ARD3M motor management relay adopts a split structure and is suitable for low-voltage motor circuits with a rated voltage up to 660V. It has complete measurement functions such as current, voltage, power, and electric energy. It can be directly connected to the voltage for 660V explosion-proof motors commonly used in mines. ,and there is no need to install voltage transformers.

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motor management relay
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Specifications of ARD3M Motor Management Relay

Technical Parameters

AccuracyActive energy: Class 0.5
FrequencyRange: 45-65Hz
Auxiliary power supplyAC/DC 85~265V
Pulse output1600-160000imp/kWh


Voltage: Power consumption <0.5VA
Current: Power consumption< 0.5VA
Auxiliary power supply: power consumption≤10VA
Communication2 Channel Modbus RTU; Profibus DP; Profinet; Modbus TCP; Wifi
SwitchInput 10 channel; Output 6 channel
Analog2 Channel 4-20mA

Technical parameters

Technical indicators

Protector auxiliary power supply

Support two power modules, AC 220V power module (AC85-265V / DC100-300V) default, AC 380V power module (AC/DC100-415V) optional

The rated working voltage of the motor

AC220V / 380V / 660V or AC230V / 400V / 690V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Rated operating current of the motor

1 (0.1A-5000A)

External current transformer

5 (0.1A-5000A)

25 (6.3A-25A)

100 (25A-100A)

250 (63A-250A)

800 (250A-800A)

Relay output contact capacity

Impedance load


Switching input

10 channels of passive dry contact (active DC110V, DC220V, AC220V input can be optional)


Standard supplied

2channel MODBUS RTU communication

Optional(only one can be selected)

1-2 channel PROFIBUS DPV1communication、1channel PROFINET communication、Ethernet communication(MODBUS TCP protocol)


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

≤95﹪No condensation, no corrosive gas



Pollution levels

Class 3

Protection grade

Main body IP20, split display module IP54 (installed on the cabinet panel)

Installation category

Level III

Features of ARD3M Motor Management Relay


The protector also provides electrical parameter protections such as overload, stalled rotor, phase failure, and current (voltage) imbalance, as well as non-electrical parameter protections such as limit of starting times and running time alarm;


All protection functions can be switched on and off freely and the protection threshold can be set, and the fault parameters that have occurred can be recorded in real time, which is convenient for accident recall and provides a basis for maintenance;


It provides 10 programmable switch inputs and 6 programmable relay outputs to meet various control and fault output requirements on site;


For special bus communication requirements, there are additional 1-2-way Profibus_DP, Modbus_TCP, Profinet communication modules for customers to choose and match.

Diagram of ARD3M Motor Management Relay

Diagram of ARD3M Motor Management Relay
Diagram of ARD3M Motor Management Relay
Diagram of ARD3M Motor Management Relay
Typical Connection
Diagram of ARD3M Motor Management Relay
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