ADF Series Multi-circuits Energy Meter

Acrel is a leading manufacturer of energy measurement and management products. One of their top products is the ADF Series Multi-circuits Energy Meter. This meter is specifically designed for multi-tenant buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial applications where accurate measurement and management of energy consumption is crucial.

The ADF Series Multi-circuits Energy Meter can measure up to 12 circuits simultaneously, with a precision of up to 0.5% accuracy. Its compact design allows for easy installation and integration into existing energy management systems. The meter also features a large, easy-to-read LCD display that allows for real-time monitoring of energy usage and a Modbus communication protocol for remote access and control.

Users of the ADF Series Multi-circuits Energy Meter can easily track and analyze energy usage patterns, enabling more efficient and cost-effective energy management. With Acrel's advanced technologies, customers can rely on precise and reliable performance. Invest in the ADF Series Multi-circuits Energy Meter for a smarter and more reliable approach to energy management.


Types of ADF Series Multi-circuits Energy Meter

What Are the Functions of Multi-Circuit Energy Meter?

Acrel Multi-Circuit Energy Meter is a highly efficient and effective device used to monitor and analyze electricity usage in multiple circuits in real time. This meter offers a reliable solution for tracking and managing energy consumption in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. It accurately measures the current, voltage, power, energy, and frequency of each circuit, allowing for optimized energy efficiency and cost savings. With advanced features such as data logging, alarms, communication protocols, and remote access capabilities, Acrel Multi-Circuit Energy Meter provides a comprehensive solution for energy management and sustainability. Overall, this meter is a valuable tool in promoting energy conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the Benefits of ADF Series Multi-circuits Energy Meter?

1. Prevent electricity theft

Because the safety performance of the traditional energy meter is not very high, it is easy to be modified, so as to achieve the purpose of stealing electricity and paying less electricity bills, which has caused a particularly large impact on my country's power system. However, multi-circuits energy meters are difficult to be tampered with by others, which can effectively prevent electricity theft.

2. No need to invest a lot of manpower to read the meter

Traditional energy meters require many store staff to go to each household to read meters, which is a heavy workload, but multi-circuits energy meters can be installed and managed centrally.

3. Reduce electricity load to avoid danger

One function of the multi-circuits energy meter is to be able to set the customer's electricity load, because too much electricity load will cause a particularly large safety hazard.

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