Active Power Filter

The ANAPF active power filter collects the harmonic current of the system through the current transformer, quickly calculates and extracts the content of each harmonic current through the controller, and generates a harmonic current command. Then, the compensation current with equal magnitude and opposite direction to the harmonic current is generated by the power actuator and injected into the power system, thereby offsetting the harmonic current generated by the nonlinear load. It is suitable for parallel connection in low-voltage power distribution systems with harmonic loads, and can track and compensate dynamically changing harmonic currents quickly and in real time.


Types of Active Power Filter

What are the Functions of Active Power Filter?

What are the Functions of Active Power Filter?
  • By suppressing harmonics, purifying the power grid, and saving 8%-20% of comprehensive electricity related costs, the use of this equipment can quickly and effectively recover the investment cost (generally no more than two years);

  • It can save the cost of power transformer and cable expansion, and improve the service life of power transformer;

  • It can filter out harmonics, ensure the safety of power supply, and avoid electricity accidents (such as electrical fires, or shutdown due to electricity failure);

  • It can extend the life of electronic equipment and components, such as reactive power compensation capacitors;

  • The power factor can be improved, and the power factor can reach 0.95-1 (to meet the electricity requirements of enterprises, avoid high penalties, or even stop power supply).

What are the Advantages of Active Power Filter?

  • Fast response ability

    The output frequency of the next switch can be quickly calculated in a short time, the response is very fast, and the harmonics that change more frequently can be quickly compensated.

  • High reliability

    It has various protection functions such as output over-current, DC side over-voltage, DC side under-voltage, AC side over-current, AC side over-voltage, IGBT dead zone protection and IGBT comprehensive protection. In case of an abnormality in the equipment or system, the equipment can safely exit operation or protect the system and equipment.

  • Compensating force with large capacity

    The compensation capability of the active filter has a lot to do with the capacity of the IGBT. The active power filter can achieve unrestricted cabinet expansion, realize large-capacity harmonic compensation, and greatly reduce the cost.

  • Simple operation method and structure

    It only needs to be connected to the system in parallel with the load, and no other operations are required. The internal structure is simple, and the converter is a modular structure, which is easy to install and maintain. After being connected to the system, it can operate normally without manual intervention.

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