Power Monitoring & Protection Device

Acrel's power monitoring and protection can provide a complete set of solutions from front-end acquisition equipment to intermediate communication equipment and background software. Front-end acquisition equipment includes programmable power meter, motor protector, wireless temperature monitoring device, temperature & humidity controller,remote terminal unit,smart lighting module,digital protection relay,residual current relay, etc..In terms of communication equipment, Acrel uses self-developed serial server and communication management, which can be compatible with Acrel's device and the third-party device which satisfies the standard protocols.Besides, strictly following the ISO9001 management standard, Acrel's production relies on the advanced information management system, providing a guarantee for industrialization and large-scale implementation of the products.The competitive advantage of the products also includes diversification on the user side and outstanding ability to solve personalized and decentralized needs.


Types of Power Monitoring & Protection Device

How Does Power Monitoring System Work?

The intelligent power monitoring system is a kind of real-time monitoring and control of the operating status of the power grid by using sensors, networks and software technologies.  It can automatically adjust the power output level of the power supply according to changes in ambient temperature, voltage and current; it can effectively reduce power grid harmonic interference and improve power quality; it also has an event recording function, which can detect faults in time and take corresponding measures. The intelligent power monitoring system is mainly composed of measurement and control unit, data acquisition unit, execution unit and display module.

How Does Power Monitoring System Work?

Advantages of Power Monitoring & Protection System

The power monitoring and protection system has the following advantages:

  • Real-time monitoring can be carried out through mobile phones, computers, etc.

  • The system is easy to install and maintain, and has strong scalability.

  • 24-hour real-time online monitoring can be realized

  • Short circuit protection can be implemented.

  • In the event of a power outage, the power line can be rebuilt, and statistical analysis can be carried out according to the fault type in the area under its jurisdiction.

  • It can install a variety of intelligent terminals on site, and can monitor, collect, and communicate electrical safety data.

  • Data will be processed through diverse graphics.

  • It can be used in various industries to effectively solve the problem of old electrical lines.

Power Monitoring

How Do I Select the Right Type of Power Monitoring Solution for My Environment?

How Do I Select the Right Type of Power Monitoring Solution for My Environment?

A good power monitoring system can replace the normal work of operation and maintenance professionals, such as data viewing, equipment inspection, and at the same time avoid and reduce power accidents. Finally, it helps the operation and maintenance personnel locate and analyze the cause of the fault to ensure that hidden dangers are completely eliminated. Power monitoring solutions range from single to complicated, and the choice is mainly based on these factors: practicability, security, real-time performance, stability, scalability, and ease of maintenance of the system and of course the budget. The effective power monitoring solutions include the instrument and software.

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