Why we should use Multi-Circuit Monitoring Devices in Railway

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Abstract: Aisa part of the urban public transportation system, ailway transportationhas been extensively developed and expanded in the past few decades. It plays an important role in solving urban traffic congestion, reducing environmental pollution, and improving urban sustainability. With the advancement of science and technology,ailway transportationsystems are constantly introducing new technologies and innovations to improve operating efficiency and passenger experience, save energy and reduce operating costs.

The monitoring of air-conditioning circuits in rail transit train carriages is one of the important aspects to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers in the train. Monitor the electrical parameters of the air conditioning circuit in real time to determine the operating status of the air conditioner, detect potential faults, and take timely measures when power problems occur to ensure the operation of the air conditioning system. At the same time, monitoring data of the air conditioning loop should be recorded for subsequent analysis and trend observation, which can help identify the long-term performance and health of the system.


Keywords: Precision distribution, multi circuits monitoring, railway transportation, leakage current


1. The specific requirementsofair-conditionercircuits on rail transit train are as follows:

1.1 The train continues to vibrate during operation, so there are higher requirements for the seismic resistance of the monitoring module. The module terminals need to be tightened with screws and pass environmental tests, shock and vibration tests and other related tests;

1.2 Trains have a large passenger flow and are densely packed with passenger. Most of the seats, ceilings and other decorative materials are flammable. Once a fire breaks out, it can easily cause safety hazards. For safety reasons, the modules need to pass relevant tests such as fire protection and flame tests;

1.3 The module is installed on the mounting plate on the top of each carriage. The installation space is limited, so the module needs to be small, thin and mounted on guide rails;

1.4 It is necessary to monitor the residual current of the 4-channel air-conditioner incoming circuits and the 8-channel air-conditioning load current.


2. Product details

Acrel AMC16Z-FAL multi-channel current monitoring device has a compact design and can meet the real-time collection and monitoring of a total of 24 currents and 4 residual currents on sides A and B. It achieves the height of a monitoring loop in the size of a traditional instrument. The device has EN45545-HL3 fire protection report, ISO1716 flame test report, EN50155 type test report, EN50155 type test report, TB/T3139-2021 prohibited and restricted substances report, accuracy and calibration measurement report.






Current, leakage current

Load Current

Rated current





Continuous 1.2 times, instantaneous 10 times/second


Class 0.5

Leakage current




Class 1

Power supply




Working: -15℃~55℃; Storage: -25℃~70℃


Relative humidity≤93%





Installation way

Din Rail 35mm

Protection Level


Pollution Level




2.1 Dimension

2.2 Installation

AMC16Z-FAL module is installed on the top of each carriage to measure the residual current and load current. All the data are transmitted to the data collection terminal at the front of the train through RS485 communication. After arriving at the station, the staffs remove the data collection terminal and summarize the data to the comprehensive monitoring platform. Through real-time monitoring of these electrical parameters of the air-conditioning power distribution circuit, the operating status of the air-conditioning can be judged, potential faults can be detected, and effective measures can be taken promptly when power problems occur. Make sure the air conditioning system is functioning.


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Urban transportation Rail transit is a safe and environmentally friendly way.

With the acceleration of urbanization and the growth of urban population, rail transit has developed rapidly in many countries and regions. Acrel independently developed a precision standby multi-circuit monitoring device to monitor the current and residual current of the air-conditioning wiring circuit in the subway train compartment, evaluate the energy consumption of the air-conditioning system through the air-conditioning operating status data, and further optimize the design and operation of the system. Saving energy and reducing operating costs, while ensuring normal operation, troubleshooting equipment failures in a timely manner, and providing passengers with a safe and comfortable riding environment are a very important part of subway operations.



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