Medical IT Insulation Monitoring System

With the wide application of electronic medical equipment in the field of hospitals, the threat of leakage current to patients is also increasing. Especially in those places where life is at stake, when the patient is operating or under anesthesia, various electrodes and sensors are directly inserted into the human body, and a small leakage current may cause the patient to be electrocuted to death. In addition, some medical equipment is used to maintain the life of critically ill patients. Once the equipment is powered off, it will also pose a threat to the patient's life. Therefore, for the electrical design of a special place like a hospital, the Medical IT insulation Monitoring System should be used for power supply in strict accordance with national standards and specifications.

The Medical IT insulation Monitoring System is used to centrally monitor the operation status of the medical IT system in all medical 2 types of places in the medical building. This centralized monitoring system can be set in the duty room of the hospital's electrical operation and maintenance personnel, or it can be integrated into other electrical monitoring systems and monitored by professional electrical personnel. Once a certain IT system fails, electrical maintenance personnel can immediately make a judgment and deal with it according to the on-site situation.


What is the Structure of the Medical IT Insulation Monitoring System?

What is the Structure of the Medical IT Insulation Monitoring System?

Medical IT Insulation Monitoring System, also known as isolated power supply system, is mainly composed of three parts: isolation transformer, insulation monitor, and external alarm and display equipment. The isolation transformer completely insulates the primary side from the secondary side and also isolates the circuit. In the IT system, the isolation transformer is optimized, combined with the internal structure, and the characteristics of the temperature sensor are analyzed to effectively transmit the temperature signal, mainly to the insulation monitoring system, and on this basis to realize the over-temperature alarm. At the same time, the insulation monitoring system is also the main component. This insulation monitoring system mainly includes an alarm display and a current transformer, which can accurately locate faults. The last is the alarm unit, which can communicate with the insulation monitor, and can send out sound and light alarms in time when the insulation fails, thereby ensuring the safety of medical electricity.

What is the Importance of the Medical IT Insulation Monitoring System?

  • It can effectively guarantee the normal operation of medical equipment.

  • It can prevent the leakage current in other power supply circuits from escaping into the medical equipment in special places such as operating room, ICU, CCU through the grounding wire, and pose a danger to the safety of patients.

  • The Medical IT insulation Monitoring System reduces the possible ground faults of various medical equipment.

  • When an insulation fault occurs in medical equipment, it will not cause the protection device (such as a circuit breaker) to cut off the power supply, and there will be no sudden power failure in the operating room, thus relatively ensuring the continuity of power supply in the operating room

  • The Medical IT insulation Monitoring System reduces the leakage current to the ground, so it improves the fire safety.

  • When troubleshooting and repairing medical equipment, it is often necessary to touch the components in the circuit or the ground wire in the circuit in the energized state, while the Medical IT insulation Monitoring System does not form a circuit with the earth, so electric shock is avoided and maintenance is greatly guaranteed personal safety of personnel.

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