Acrel ARD3 Smart Motor Protector With LCD/Digital Display

ARD3 smart motor protector with LCD/digital display adopts a modular product structure, including the main body (protection control function module), transformer detection module, and remote display module. According to the needs, the functional modules or accessories of ARD3 can be selected to form a motor control and protection unit with electrical components such as contactors and motor starters. It has functions such as remote automatic control, on-site direct control, panel indication, signal alarm, and field bus communication. It is suitable for fields such as coal mines, petrochemicals, smelting, electric power, ships, and civil buildings.

electronic overload relay with display
electronic overload relay with display
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Specifications of ARD3 Smart Motor Protector with LCD/Digital Display

Technical Parameters
AccuracyU, I: Class 1.5
FrequencyRange: 45-65Hz
Auxiliary power supplyAC85V-265V/DC100V-350V
SOE event recorderRecord 8 fault messages


Main body: DIN 35mm
Display unit: Panel mounted

Technical parameters

Technical indicators

Protector auxiliary power supply

AC85-265V/DC100-350V,power consumption 15VA

The rated working voltage of the motor

AC380V / 660V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Rated operating current of the motor

1 (0.1A-5000A)

Small special current transformers

5 (0.1A-5000A)




Special current transformers


Relay output contact capacity

Impedance load


Relay output contactor,
rated negative capacity

5 channels,AC 250V 6A

Switching input

9 channels, optocoupler isolation


RS485 Modbus_RTU, Profibus_DP


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

≤95﹪No condensation, no corrosive gas



Pollution levels

Class 2

Protection grade

Main body IP20, split display module IP54 (installed on the cabinet panel)

Installation category

Level III

Features of ARD3 Smart Motor Protector With LCD/Digital Display


It is suitable for motors with rated voltage up to AC690V, rated current up to AC800A, and rated frequency 50/60Hz;


The measurement function is divided into basic measurement (current parameters) and additional measurement (voltage, power, phase sequence, residual current (leakage current);


It has a standard RS-485 communication interface and adopts Modbus-RTU and Profibus-DP communication protocols to ensure the fast and reliable communication of the upper computer;


It has a DC4-20mA analog output interface, which is directly connected to the DCS system and can monitor the field equipment.

Diagram of ARD3 Smart Motor Protector With LCD/Digital Display

Diagram of ARD3 Smart Motor Protector With LCD/Digital Display
Diagram of ARD3 Smart Motor Protector With LCD/Digital Display
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