The usage of industrial isolated power panels in Marine and shore power systems

1. Structure



2. Standards

The grounding of the power distribution system of the terminal shore power facilities shall comply with the following provisions:

1) The neutral point grounding method through resistance should be adopted for high-voltage power distribution grounding.

2) The IT method should be adopted for low-voltage power distribution grounding.

3) The power distribution system using the TN method should supply power to the ship through an isolation transformer.


3. Functions

The main functions of industrial isolated power panels are:

3.1. It can real-time monitor the insulation resistance of the IT system to the ground, and starting the fault warning or alarm function when the resistance exceeds the limit;

3.2 It has multiple fault indication methods such as relay alarm output and LED light alarm output;

3.3. It has event recording function, which is convenient for operators to view and analyze the fault type and occurrence time, and timely judge the system operation status;

3.4. It has self-test function, which can realize the fault self-test of the instrument hardware circuit with one click;

3.5. It can realize line break monitoring, real-time monitoring of the connection status of the PE/KE functional grounding line;

3.6. It has one RS485 interface, standard MODBUS-RTU protocol;

3.7. It can support manual/automatic reset modes;

3.8. With wide range of applications,it is suitable for AC, DC and AC/DC hybrid IT systems.


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