AMC Series Data Center Monitor Module

With the rapid development of data centers, the problem of energy consumption in data centers has become more and more prominent. An efficient and reliable data center power distribution system solution is an effective way to improve the efficiency of data center power usage and reduce equipment energy consumption. Acrel's Data Center Monitor Module is a state-of-the-art electric power monitoring system designed to provide real-time monitoring of power consumption in data centers.

The AMC series Data Center Monitor Module is designed for the end of the data center. It is an smart module that can comprehensively collect all energy data, provide accurate electrical parameter information for the AC and DC power distribution cabinet, and upload the data to the dynamic ring through communication. The data center monitor module system realizes real-time monitoring and effective management of the entire data center, providing a reliable guarantee for the realization of an all-round green IDC.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Data Center Monitor Module?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Data Center Monitor Module?

Acrel AMC Series Data Center Monitor Modules are measurement devices specially designed for data center server power management. The design of the monitor module is small and compact, and it can monitor the parameters of the incoming and outgoing lines, the input and output switches, and the status of the lightning protection device in real time. The alarm thresholds of all measurement channels can be set independently, and the monitor modules’ sound and light alarm will be triggered immediately when an over-limit event occurs. It realizes the high integration of the monitoring circuit in the volume of the traditional instrument.

The Functions Of Acrel Amc Series Data Center Monitor Module

Acrel AMC Series Data Center Monitor Module can manage the current distribution and power distribution of the entire data center in real time, and can monitor the electrical parameters of no more than 4 incoming lines and 192 outgoing lines, the switch status of incoming and outgoing lines, temperature, leakage current, etc. . And the number of outgoing measurement circuits can be flexibly increased or decreased according to user needs. The AMC series data center monitor module adopts a multi-loop monitoring device, which can not only measure the three-phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency of the incoming line side, but also detect the outgoing line current, active power, power factor, power data, etc.

In this way, it is reasonable to monitor and record the electrical parameters of the entire power distribution unit in real time, especially to have a real-time understanding of its power consumption. It can meet the user's requirements for electric energy measurement and provide a hardware foundation for the overall management of energy consumption. The AMC series Data Center Monitor Module supports RS485 and TCP/IP protocols for data transmission.

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