Acrel's Summer 2022 Distributor Training Was Going On

Dig the pain point of enterprise energy digital transformation.

Micro grid energy efficiency management platform Industry Solutions.

Acrel distributors in August 2022.

Standardized Training  Cooperation Resources  Co-construction of Business Ecology

August 22nd - 26th , 2022

Training Courses and Contents

Provide enterprises with reliable, safe, economical, efficient, orderly and unified operation and maintenance solutions. Reduce the electric consumption cost of enterprises, realize energy interconnection and information interaction.

August 22nd-23rd, Acrel Enterprise Micro-grid Energy Efficiency Management Platform

Anet gateway debugging, usage of EMS platform, including power operation and maintenance, energy consumption subsystem.

August 24th  Prepaid Subsystem

Usage and debugging of prepaid subsystem.

August 25th -26th Power Monitoring System

Configuration, operation and debugging of power monitoring system, and troubleshooting of common problems on site.

2022 Distributor Training

2022 Distributor Training

2022 Distributor Training

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