Acrel ASG100 Signal Generator

ASG100 signal generator from Acrel features a DC24V auxiliary power, with less than 2VA power consumption. It also includes location signals with a voltage below 25V and a current below 1mA. With fault location capabilities for up to four maximum channels and a response time of less than 2s, this signal generator is excellent for monitoring systems and includes communication via CAN bus with custom protocols. Perfect for your 24V signal generator needs.

0 10 vdc signal generator
0 10 vdc signal generator
0 to 10 volt dc signal generator
24v 4 20ma signal generator
24v signal generator
dc signal generator

Specification of ASG100 Signal Generator

Auxiliary powerVoltageDC24V
Power consumption2VA
Monitored systemRated voltage0-242V AC
Location signalsLocation voltage<25V
Location Current<1mA
Fault locationMaximum channels4
Response time<2s
ProtocolCustom protocol

Diagram of ASG100 Signal Generator

Diagram of ASG100 Signal Generator
Diagram of ASG100 Signal Generator
Diagram of ASG100 Signal Generator
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