What is analog isolator

1. What is an isolated safety barrier?

An isolated safety barrier is a safety measure that is mainly used to isolate electrical signals between different areas or devices to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

2. The role of isolated safety barriers

2.1. Prevent electrical interference: isolated safety barriers can effectively isolate electrical signals, prevent electrical interference between different areas or devices, and avoid equipment failure or unstable operation.

2.2. Ensure equipment safety: isolated safety barriers can disconnect output signals in time when input signals are abnormal, preventing electrical signals from passing through the safety barriers and causing damage to equipment and personnel.

2.3. Protect personnel safety: isolated safety barriers can isolate electrical signals between high-risk areas and other areas, protecting personnel from the threat of electrical damage.

2.4. Enhance equipment reliability: isolated safety barriers can reduce equipment failure rate and downtime, and improve equipment reliability and stability.

3. Advantages of isolated safety barriers

3.1. Safe and reliable: isolated safety barriers can effectively isolate electrical signals, prevent electrical interference, and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

3.2. Wide range of applications: isolated safety barriers are suitable for various scenarios, such as industrial automation, power systems, communication equipment, etc.

3.3. Easy to install and use: the installation and use of isolated safety barriers are very simple and do not require professional knowledge and skills.

3.4. Low cost: isolated safety barriers are inexpensive and can be used on a large scale, reducing safety hazards and maintenance costs.

In short, isolated safety barriers are an important safety measure that can effectively isolate electrical signals, protect the safety of equipment and personnel, improve the reliability and stability of equipment, and are widely used in various fields.

4. The comparison between BM100 analog isolator and BM200 isolated safety barrier





BM200 Isolation barrier application scenarios: petroleum, chemical industry, thermal power, gas, metallurgy

BM100 Isolator application scenarios: wind power, new energy, water treatment, robots, cars

Isolation safety barriers can replace signal isolators, but signal isolators cannot replace isolation safety barriers. However, the costs are different, so it is recommended to choose according to actual usage needs.

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