AHKC Series Hall Effect Sensor

The Hall Effect Sensor is made according to the principle of the Hall effect, and the Ampere's law is applied at the same time,that is, a magnetic field proportional to the current is generated around the current-carrying conductor, and the Hall Effect Sensor is used to measure this magnetic field. Therefore, non-contact measurement of electric current is made possible.

Acrel is a reputable brand that offers Hall Effect Sensors with high accuracy and reliability. Their sensors are designed with a wide range of features such as low power consumption, high-temperature range, and compact size. Acrel's Hall Effect Sensors are highly sought after for their advanced technology that allows for improved performance of various devices that rely on magnetic field detection. They are best suited for use in circuits that require measurement of low-level magnetic fields. Acrel's sensors are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including magnetic position sensing, linear and angular sensing, speed measurement, and current sensing. Overall, Acrel's Hall Effect Sensors are perfect for applications that require fast and precise sensing of magnetic fields in challenging operating conditions.


What are the Functions of AHKC Series Hall Effect Sensor?

What are the Functions of AHKC Series Hall Effect Sensor?

The Hall effect sensor is mainly suitable for the isolation and conversion of complex signals such as AC, DC, and pulse. Through the Hall effect principle, the transformed signal can be directly collected by various acquisition devices such as AD, DSP, PLC, and secondary instruments. It is widely used in current monitoring and battery applications, inverter power supply and solar power management systems, DC panels and DC motor drives, electroplating, welding applications, inverters, UPS servo control and other systems for current signal acquisition and feedback control. It has the advantages of fast response time, wide current measurement range and high precision, strong overload capacity, good linearity, and strong anti-interference ability.

What are the Advantages of AHKC Series Hall Effect Sensor?

The Hall effect sensor has a solid structure, small size, lightweight, long life, easy installation, low power consumption, and high frequency (up to 1MHZ). It is shock-resistant and not afraid of pollution or corrosion from dust, oil, water vapor, and salt spray.

  • The Hall effect sensor can measure the current and voltage of any waveform, such as: DC, AC, pulse waveform, etc., and even measure the transient peak value. The secondary current faithfully reflects the waveform of the primary current. The ordinary transformer is incomparable with it, generally only suitable for measuring 50Hz sine wave;

  • There is good electrical isolation between the primary circuit and the secondary circuit, and the isolation voltage can reach 9600Vrms;

  • High precision: the precision in the working temperature range is better than 1%, which is suitable for the measurement of any waveform;

  • Good linearity: better than 0.1%;

  • Wide bandwidth: The rise time of high-bandwidth current sensors can be less than 1μs; however, the bandwidth of voltage sensors is narrow, generally within 15kHz, and the rise time of 6400Vrms high-voltage voltage sensors is about 500uS, and the bandwidth is about 700Hz.

  • Measuring range: Hall effect sensor is a series of products, the current measurement can reach 50KA, and the voltage measurement can reach 6400V.

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