ACR10R-D Series PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter

ACR10R-D Series PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter is divided into single-phase and three-phase. It is equipped with 485 MODBUS-RTU protocol as standard, with remote signaling and remote control functions, LCD screen display, and panel button operation to switch various parameter interfaces. According to different currents,current transformers with different apertures are equipped to meet different needs. It integrates the measurement of all power parameters, multi-rate power metering, harmonic analysis power monitoring and assessment management. It is widely used in the field of new energy, realizes photovoltaic metering, and is suitable for a variety of high energy consumption industry transformation projects.


What are the Applications of the ACR10R-D PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter?

What are the Applications of the ACR10R-D PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter?

At present, grid companies usually require photovoltaic grid-connected systems to be non-reverse current power generation systems, that is, the electricity generated by photovoltaic grid-connected systems is consumed by local loads, and excess electricity is not allowed to be reversely transmitted to the upper grid through low-voltage distribution transformers. In the grid-connected power generation system, because the external environment is constantly changing, in order to prevent reverse power generation of the photovoltaic grid-connected system, the system needs to perform reverse current detection, and adjust the power generation of the system by monitoring the voltage and current signals on the low-voltage outlet side of the distribution transformer in real time , so as to achieve the anti-backflow function of the photovoltaic grid-connected system.

ACR10R series meters, as the key components of anti-backflow detection, adopt high-performance MCU and high-precision metering chips to realize real-time detection of voltage, current, power and electric energy. The above data refresh time is as fast as 250ms, which can meet the control real-time requirements in the inverter anti-backflow detection. The inverter performs real-time power adjustment by reading the power magnitude and direction of the ACR10R series meters in real time, and achieves the anti-backflow detection function.

What are the Advantages of ACR10R-D Series PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter?

ACR10R-D Series PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter is suitable for energy-saving renovation projects in high-energy-consuming industries such as smelting, steel, electric welding, and semiconductors. It is also suitable for applications such as power monitoring and power demand-side management of distributed photovoltaic grid-connected cabinets. It has the characteristics of no need to disassemble the busbar once, simple and convenient wiring, safe construction, saving transformation costs for users, and improving efficiency. It integrates the measurement of all power parameters (such as single-phase or three-phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, power factor), as well as power monitoring and assessment management.

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