What is the use of dc energy meter with rs485?

1. Introduction

DJSF1352 dc energy meter with rs485 adopts LCD display and has RS485 function, which can exchange data with microcomputer. The product consists of measurement unit, data processing unit, communication unit, display unit, etc., and has functions such as power measurement, data processing, and real-time monitoring.

It is suitable for DC metering of charging piles, battery, solar panel and other DC signal equipment power measurement and energy metering. It can also be used in industrial and mining enterprises, civil buildings, building automation and other modern DC power supply and distribution systems.

2. Function


2.1. Power measurement: DJSF1352 dc energy meter with rs485 can measure the voltage, current, power and other parameters of the power system in real time, providing users with accurate power data.

These data can be used in energy management, equipment maintenance and other aspects.

2.2. Power quality analysis: DJSF1352 dc energy meter with rs485 also has power quality analysis function, which can analyze the waveform distortion and harmonic content of the power system.

This helps users understand the stability, reliability and efficiency of the power system, so as to take corresponding measures to optimize it.

2.3. Harmonic measurement: Harmonics are one of the common problems in power systems, which can cause damage to electrical equipment and systems.

DJSF1352 dc energy meter with rs485 can accurately measure the content and phase angle of each harmonic, helping users to find and deal with harmonic problems in time.

2.4. Power factor calculation: Power factor is an important indicator for measuring the operating efficiency of electrical equipment.

DJSF1352 dc energy meter with rs485 can calculate power factor in real time, help users understand the efficiency level of the power system, and provide decision-making basis for energy management.

3. Application

3.1. New energy field: With the rapid development of new energy, DJSF1352 dc energy meter with rs485 is increasingly used in new energy fields such as solar energy and wind energy.

It can accurately measure the power data of new energy systems, providing strong support for energy management and optimization.

3.2. Industrial automation field: In the field of industrial automation, DJSF1352 dc energy meter with rs485 can monitor the operating status and power consumption of electrical equipment in real time, helping enterprises to achieve energy management and energy conservation and emission reduction.

3.3. Energy storage system field: Energy storage system is an important part of modern energy management.

DJSF1352 dc energy meter with rs485 can accurately measure the power data of energy storage system, providing a reliable basis for the management and optimization of energy storage system.

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