Application of Acrel IoT Energy Management Systematic Solution in certain Factory of Malaysia

1. Application Scenario

Customers need to collect the basic energy consumption data and upload it to management system so that they can realized real-time and remote data monitoring using their PC.

2. Technical Selection

2.1Rated voltage of 3-phase monitoring circuits is 415Vac L-L while the rated current is below 80A AC, thus selection of metering devices will be ADL400 3-phase energy meter with RS485 communication of MODBUS-RTU protocol.

2.2 After discussing with the customer, factory is with stable 4GHz WiFi coverage and signal,and a power supply of 220Vac is preferable. So, for the gateway parts, we select AWT100-WiFi which own auto-broadcasting function that can ease the later adjustment with subsequent ADL400. Also, AWT100-WiFi is paired with AWT100-POW power module.Other than that, since AWT100-WiFi is with upstream of 2.4GHz WiFi using MODBUS-RTU over TCP protocol and downstream of RS485 using MODBUS-RTU protocol to be paired with ADL400 for energy consumption data uploaded to cloud server and finally to the IoT System.

2.3 For pilot project phase, cloud server is highly recommended to use our company's cloud server which has been rent on Amazon to save the customers' budget on testing phase.

2.4 According to the request, IoT Energy Management System will be the most appropriate one and can provide 3-month free trial for testing use.

3. Project Solution Structure


4. Plan after Project

If project proved to be successful, later plan should be as below:

Cloud Hosting Service Solution: Considering about the comprehensive cost of renting the cloud server and the amount of monitoring circuits, deployment of cloud IoT Energy Management System should be paired with hosting service. In this situation, customer don't need to afford the rent of cloud server and will use our own cloud server. Also, for the hardware of this solution, no change need be done just like in the pilot project solution structure. Customer only need to order more ADL400 3-phase energy meter and maybe paired AWT100-WiFi gateway according to the number of subsequent request.

Local Buy-out Service Solution: If request from customers for data safety and Confidentiality is much more higher. The buy-out service of IoT Energy Management System to be paired with a Local Server will be the best choice. Yet the solution need to do a lot of change in hardware like. First, deploying of local server need to be paired with industrial switch and UPS. Second, for energy meter, ADL400 is still more recommendable.Since the special module, ADF400L Multi-circuit energy meter with built-in Ethernet communication won't save much budget on the application of 3-phase wiring via direct connection instead of via CTs. At last, gateway need to be changed from AWT100-WiFi to AWT100-CE or Aport100 according to the amount of subsequent request.

5. Late-stage Solution Structure (For local solution only)

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