IoT Cloud Platform Management System

Background of IoT Cloud Platform Management

In recent years, the concept of the Internet of Things has accelerated its integration with industrial applications and has become key technical thinking for smart cities and overall informatization solutions.

Problem of IoT Cloud Platform Management

The traditional business model has the following drawbacks: high data system prices, required diversified data service, difficult debugging, system hardware selection problems and inconvenient service payment.

Solution of IoT Cloud Platform Management

The energy Internet of Things takes energy supply, energy management, equipment management, and energy consumption analysis as the main line of energy flow, connects energy production and processing, distribution and transmission, consumption, and energy conservation in series, and combines the interconnection of people and things to form an Acrel product-mediated energy IoT ecosystem, in which IoT hardware and energy participants respectively interact with the platform in the form of data and business flow.

Structure of IoT Cloud Platform Management

Structure of IoT Cloud Platform Management

Advantages of IoT Cloud Platform Management

Advantages of IoT Cloud Platform Management
  • The business model of Internet + thinking replaces the traditional system integration model in which billing functions can only be applied to a complete set of systems in the past, and provides low-cost lightweight cloud services;

  • Acrel can provide customers with cloud service ecological accounts, and unified and effective account management services. Using the cloud ecological account, you can complete multiple services such as service purchase, billing management, meter operation and maintenance, and service upgrades in one account;

  • Just use the APP to scan the QR code of the IoT meter or gateway to access the meter for the cloud account and view the meter reading data;

  • Adopt the form of mini-programs, billing items are managed using mini-programs, and tenants use the same mini-program to recharge and pay fees, giving full play to the convenience and effectiveness of mobile services;

  • Using a mobile phone terminal, you can query and control the underlying smart meter anytime and anywhere, creating a smart Internet of Things.

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