What is Energy Storage Management System?

1. Introduction

According to new data from the Energy Storage Leader Alliance, as the peak-valley price gap widens in various regions and the impact of power restriction policies, industrial and commercial energy storage will gradually develop into a major growth point for energy storage from 2023 to 2025. In particular, its application scenarios of peak-valley arbitrage, demand (capacity) management, emergency backup power, dynamic capacity expansion and demand-side response are favored by industrial and commercial users.

This has also stimulated more and more complete set factories, integrators, and battery manufacturers to start industrial and commercial energy storage business, with industrial and commercial energy storage cabinets and energy storage containers being the most popular production and sales. At present, 100kW/215kWh and 100kW/232kWh energy storage integrated cabinets have also become popular energy storage equipment in the user side market.

How to achieve the economic operation of energy storage equipment on a safe and reliable basis has obviously become the focus of most energy storage integration manufacturers, and EMS, as the "brain" of energy storage equipment, has also become a key link.

2. Acrel-2000ES Energy Storage Management System

As a user-side system solution provider, Acrel has many years of system development experience, so it has developed the Acrel-2000ES energy storage management system for industrial and commercial energy storage devices. It has complete energy storage monitoring and management functions, covering detailed information of all equipment inside the energy storage system (including PCS, BMS, electric meters, fire protection, temperature control, video, etc.), and realizes equipment monitoring, charge and discharge optimization scheduling, abnormal alarm, data forwarding, video monitoring, historical curves, event queries, report statistics, authority management, etc. Among them, charge and discharge optimization scheduling includes control strategies such as planned curves, peak shaving and valley filling, demand control, dynamic capacity expansion, and back-flow prevention. Through the strategy configuration interface, users can select and configure the required operation strategy according to their needs, which is simple and convenient to operate.


The system is based on a 13.3-inch industrial touch screen computer, which can be embedded on the panel of the energy storage cabinet. The computer is equipped with 8G memory and a 512G solid-state hard disk, and has powerful data processing and storage capabilities. The device has multiple interfaces (2 network ports, 4 serial ports, 4 USB ports and 1 high-definition interface), multi-protocol access capabilities (supporting IEC101, IEC103, IEC104, MODBUS RTU/TCP and private protocols, etc.), and can access PCS, BMS, meters, temperature control systems, fire control hosts, etc. from different manufacturers. At the same time, it supports data forwarding to meet the needs of unified operation and maintenance of energy storage stations.


3. Function

Acrel-2000ES energy storage management system has perfect energy storage monitoring and management functions, covering detailed information of energy storage system equipment (PCS, BMS, electric meter, fire protection, air conditioning, etc.), realizing data collection, data processing, data storage, data query and analysis, visual monitoring, alarm management, statistical reports and other functions. It supports energy scheduling in high-speed applications, and has control functions such as planning curves, peak shaving and valley filling, demand control, and backup power supply. The system monitors the performance of the battery pack in real time and analyzes historical data, and uses intelligent allocation strategies to control the charge and discharge of the battery pack according to the analysis results, optimizes battery performance, and improves battery life. The system supports Linux or Windows operating systems, and the database uses SQL Server. This system can be used for both energy storage cabinets and energy storage containers. It is a software system platform specifically used for energy storage equipment management.


4. Supporting Products

For energy storage cabinets, in addition to providing the energy storage management system Acrel-2000ES, we can also provide supporting AC and DC meters, temperature monitoring, communication management machines, serial port servers, and three-remote control units to provide users with a more comprehensive solution.


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